Weekly Spacecraft Mission News (English, German) – 11.06.20

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Preparing the Perseverance Mars Rover to Collect Samples on the Red Planet

The samples Apollo 11 brought back to Earth from the Moon were humanity’s first from another celestial body. The upcoming Perseverance rover mission will collect the first samples from another planet.

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Our New Map of Every Mars Landing Attempt, Ever

The Planetary Society has a new improved guide to all the places we’ve landed—or crashed—on Mars, plus planned locations for the upcoming Perseverance, Tianwen-1, and Rosalind Franklin rover missions.

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Happy birthday, Falcon 9! SpaceX’s workhorse rocket debuted 10 years ago today

SpaceX’s famous Falcon 9 rocket has now been flying for a decade.

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Life on Mars? Meet the new rover built to give us the answer

NASA’s Curiosity rover has shown that Mars was habitable billions of years ago. And NASA is about to launch another rover, called Perseverance, to look for signs of Red Planet life.

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