Weekly Spacecraft Mission News (English, German) – 30.01.20

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Title picture: © NASA/JPL-Caltech

NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope / NASAs Spitzer Weltraumteleskop

It’s time to say goodbye to NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope. Here’s why.

How does NASA know it’s time to end a mission? For the Spitzer Space Telescope, the agency can blame it on the spacecraft’s juice.

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How NASA’s Webb Telescope Will Continue Spitzer’s Legacy

While the Spitzer Space Telescope is headed for retirement, many of its breakthroughs will be studied more precisely with NASA’s forthcoming James Webb Space Telescope.

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Spitzer in Space: Final Voyage

This artist’s concept depicts NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope in space much as it would appear to an observer at the end of its mission on January 30, 2020.

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NASA is turning off the Spitzer Space Telescope. Its infrared eye changed our view of the universe.

NASA is bidding goodbye to a premier space telescope, one that let scientists peer into the dusty corners of the universe.

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Gallery: The infrared universe seen by NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope

See images from NASA’s infrared Spitzer Space Telescope.

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Weekly Spacecraft Mission News (English, German) – 22.08.19

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ESA, „Exoplanet mission timeline

Der Transit der Sternenbegleiter

CHEOPS ist die erste von drei Missionen der ESA, die ab Herbst 2019 die Erforschung von Exoplaneten in den Blick nimmt. Das Weltraumteleskop des Satelliten soll die Größe und Beschaffenheit mehrerer hundert extrasolarer Himmelskörper untersuchen.

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Planetenjäger Cheops

Günther Hasinger, ESA-Direktor für Wissenschaft, erklärt, welche Rolle CHEOPS und die Folgemissionen für das Verständnis von der Entstehung der Planetensysteme spielen.

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Elon Musk Floats ‚Nuke Mars‘ Idea Again (He Has T-Shirts)

Nuking Mars is still on Elon Musk’s wish list, it would seem.

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Nuclear Propulsion Could Be ‚Game-Changer‘ for Space Exploration, NASA Chief Says

Humanity’s next giant leap could be enabled by nuclear thermal propulsion, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said.

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Meet Skybot F-850, the Humanoid Robot Russia Is Launching into Space

When a Russian Soyuz spacecraft launches from Kazakhstan for the International Space Station Wednesday, it will carry a humanoid robot called Skybo F-850.

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NASA’s Next Space Telescope Could Reveal Details About the TRAPPIST-1 Planets, But There’s One Problem

The James Webb Space Telescope could gather critical information about the atmospheres of planets in the TRAPPIST-1 planetary system, one new study finds.

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Where Are New Stars Born? NASA’s Webb Telescope Will Investigate

Using NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope as a sort of time machine, a team of researchers intends to look billions of years into the past to understand how stars like our Sun formed in the universe.

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Mirror to mirror

Space Science Image of the Week: Successful deployment of Webb’s secondary mirror marks major milestone for the revolutionary new observatory

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NASA Rehearses Astronaut Launch — and Rescue — with SpaceX, Boeing (Photos)

Both SpaceX and Boeing are busily preparing for the first crewed launches of their commercial spacecraft, and in case something goes wrong, they’re simulating different types of emergencies.

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NASA’s Europa Clipper Mission to Jupiter’s Icy Moon Clears Big Hurdle on Path to Launch

A highly anticipated NASA mission to Jupiter’s possibly life-supporting moon Europa remains on track for a mid-2020s launch.

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Weekly Spacecraft Mission News (English, German) – 08.08.19

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Legacy of crashed Beresheet on the Moon / Hinterlassenschaften der abgestürzten Raumsonde Beresheet auf dem Mond

A Crashed Israeli Spacecraft Spilled Tardigrades on the Moon

IT WAS JUST before midnight on April 11 and everyone at the Israel Aerospace Industries mission control center in Yehud, Israel, had their eyes fixed on two large projector screens. On the left screen was a stream of data being sent back to Earth by Beresheet, its lunar lander, which was about to become the first private spacecraft to land on the moon. The right screen featured a crude animation of Beresheet firing its engines as it prepared for a soft landing in the Sea of Serenity. But only seconds before the scheduled landing, the numbers on the left screen stopped. Mission control had lost contact with the spacecraft, and it crashed into the moon shortly thereafter.

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Thousands of Tardigrades Stranded on the Moon After Lunar Lander Crash

When you look up at the moon, there may now be a few thousand water bears looking back at you.

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Raumfahrt: Bärtierchen sind die ersten Mondbewohner

Eine gescheiterte israelische Raumfahrtmission hat vermutlich Leben im All hinterlassen. Auf dem Mond dürfte es nun äußerst robuste Kleinstlebewesen geben.

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Spacecraft Mission News (English, German) – 14.02.19

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Title picture: NASA/JPL-Caltech

NASA to Share Results of Effort to Recover Mars Rover

NASA will discuss the status of its Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity in a media briefing at 11 a.m. PST (2 p.m. EST) Wednesday, Feb. 13, from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

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Mars-Rover Opportunity: Letzter Kontaktversuch der NASA

Nach mehr als sieben Monaten stellt die NASA ihre Versuche ein, mit Opportunity Kontakt aufzunehmen. Damit endet die überaus erfolgreiche Mission.

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Touchdown for InSight’s Heat Probe

InSight has gone two for two, placing the second of its instruments gently on the Martian ground.

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Russische Medaille für Alexander Gerst

Der deutsche ESA-Astronaut Alexander Gerst ist am Dienstag im Sternenstädtchen bei Moskau mit der russischen Medaille Kosmos ohne Grenzen ausgezeichnet worden. Er nahm sie im Kosmonauten-Ausbildungszentrum( ZPK) Juri Gagarin entgegen.

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NASA’s MAVEN Spacecraft Shrinking its Mars Orbit to Prepare for Mars 2020 Rover

The MAVEN spacecraft today is starting a campaign to tighten its orbit around Mars to prepare to serve as a data-relay satellite for NASA’s Mars 2020 rover, which launches next year.

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MAVEN Spacecraft Shrinking its Orbit to Prepare for Mars 2020 Rover

NASA’s 4-year-old atmosphere-sniffing Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) mission is embarking on a new campaign today to tighten its orbit around Mars. The operation will reduce the highest point of the MAVEN spacecraft’s elliptical orbit from 3,850 to 2,800 miles (6,200 to 4,500 kilometers) above the surface and prepare it to take on additional responsibility as a data-relay satellite for NASA’s Mars 2020 rover, which launches next year.

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NASA’s Webb Is Sound After Completing Critical Milestones

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has successfully passed another series of critical testing milestones on its march to the launch pad.

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Spacecraft Mission News (English, German) – 05.07.18


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Europe’s satellite navigation system Galileo is already in use worldwide, usable by itself or in combination with the US Global Positioning System (GPS). Now a combined Galileo–GPS positioning fix has been achieved in space – aboard the International Space Station – through an ESA–NASA…
Der Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg wird in der Riege der Katastrophenprojekte gerne als führend genannt. Dass es trotzdem noch schlimmer……
NASA’s Opportunity Mars rover remains silent as a giant dust storm continues to swirl on the Red Planet.
Die ESA-Mars-Sonde Mars Express macht mit ihrer VMC-Kamera globale Aufnahmen der Mars-Oberfläche. Aktuell dokumentiert sie einen gewaltigen Staubsturm.
When you get caught in a storm here on Earth, you just find shelter for a little while and let it pass, but things are a whole lot different on Mars. It’s now been three weeks since the massive dus…
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Spacecraft Mission News (English, German) – 28.06.18


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On 26 June 2018, Hayabusa2 arrived at its target asteroid, Ryugu. In a very brief status update, I present comparisons of Ryugu to other previously visited asteroids and comets.
Den erdnahen Asteroiden auf der Spur: Raumsonde Hayabusa2 und Lander MASCOT erreichen Ryugu


Eine 3200 Millionen Kilometer weite Reise liegt hinter der japanischen Raumsonde Hayabusa2 mit dem deutsch-französischen Lander MASCOT (Mobile Asteroid Surface Scout) an Bord. Seit Dezember 2014 reist…
  HAYABUSA2 Sonde erreicht Asteroiden Ryugu Redaktion / Pressemitteilung des DLRastronews.com 27. Juni 2018
Die japanische Sonde Hayabusa 2 kommt in wenigen Tagen an ihrem Asteroiden an. Bei sich hat sie einen Lander aus Deutschland.
The Japanese spacecraft Hayabusa2 has reached the diamond-shaped asteroid Ryugu.
A different astronomy and space science related image is featured each day, along with a brief explanation.
“Bald das neue zu Hause von @MASCOT2018 und #hayabusa2 – heute schon auf dem Weltraumbild des Tages: der #Asteroid Ryugu! Bild via @apod
The Independent Review Board (IRB) established by NASA to assess progress on its James Webb Space Telescope has unanimously recommended that development on the world’s premier science observatory should continue; NASA has established a new launch date for Webb of March 30, 2021.
„NASA will host a media teleconference at 1 p.m. EDT [17:00 UTC], Wednesday, June 27, to provide an update on the agency’s James Webb Space Telescope and the findings of an external independent review board. Webb will be the world’s premier infrared space observatory and the largest astronomical…
“Updated plot of #JWST Budget/Launch Date projections. Each blue dot was one such media advisory. I’m genuinely not trying to be snarky – JWST will do transformational science – but this … this isn’t a good look.”
NASA will host a media teleconference at 1 p.m. EDT, Wednesday, June 27, to provide an update on the agency’s James Webb Space Telescope and the findings of an external independent review board.
Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin has sued two of his children, his former manager and family foundation alleging fraud and seeking to regain control over his estate, including his space memorabilia and artifacts, as well as „all elements of the Buzz Aldrin brand.“
First someone takes over @TheRealBuzz – Now Buzz Aldrin is suing his entire family and all of his companies and organizations for everything, everywhere (and $ millions of memorabilia). Here’s the lawsuit: https://t.co/EyK0RZtGPA pic.twitter.com/PZzl6ETiAf
Keith’s note: Some background information posted on Twitter with regard to @TheRealBuzz and people associated with various activities using Buzz Aldrin’s name. Click below to read.
„We are deeply disappointed and saddened by the unjustified lawsuit that has been brought against us individually and against the Foundation that we have built together as a family to carry on Dad’s legacy for generations to come. When we established the current structure several years ago, it was…
Our firm represents Andrew Aldrin and Jan Aldrin. Your recent article, „Buzz Aldrin Fights Family for Control of His Space Legacy,“ was riddled with inaccurate and unverified claims which, given the usual high standard of Wall Street Journal reporting, warrant substantial correction on the record….
„It has been our wish from the beginning, to avoid public discussion of our efforts to try to protect our father and his reputation from the debilitating effects of his worsening condition. We sought confidentiality through a motion with the court which held both parties responsible for maintaining…
Der zweite Mann auf dem Mond zieht seine Kinder vor Gericht. Er wirft ihnen vor, sich an seine Millionen heranzumachen. Die Kinder ihrerseits sagen, dass sie ihren Vater nur vor falschen Freunden schützen wollten.

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Spacecraft Mission News (English, German) – 15.03.16


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On 6 March 2018, the BepiColombo engineering model was delivered to ESA’s mission control centre in Darmstadt, Germany.BepiColombo – ESA’s first mission to Mercury – is based on two spacecraft: the ESA-led Mercury Planetary Orbiter, with 11 experiments and instruments, and the Japanese sp…
The BepiColombo mission to Mercury passed a review milestone last week, confirming that it can leave Europe and begin preparations for launch at the Kourou spaceport.The spacecraft and ground equipment, along with personnel, will start transferring to Kourou towards the end of next month.…
Die Merkur-Mission der ESA geht in eine weitere entscheidende Phase. In dieser Woche traf am Kontrollzentrum ESOC in Darmstadt das Konstruktionsmodell des Satelliten der BepiColombo Mission ein. An der originalgetreuen Kopie testet das Missionsteam nochmals alle Systeme des Orbiters vor …
Die Merkur-Mission der ESA geht in eine weitere entscheidende Phase. In dieser Woche traf am Kontrollzentrum ESOC in Darmstadt das Konstruktionsmodell des Satelliten der BepiColombo Mission ein. An der originalgetreuen Kopie testet das Missionsteam nochmals alle Systeme des Orbiters vor …
BepiColombo approaching Mercury. Credit: ESA/ATG medialab; Mercury: NASA/JPL
„The only problem is, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) had dismissed Swarm’s application for its experimental satellites a month earlier, on safety grounds. The FCC is responsible for regulating commercial satellites, including minimizing the chance of accidents in space. It feared that…
Engineers removed the combined optics and science instruments of NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope from their shipping container in a high bay at Northrop Grumman on March 8, signaling the next step in the observatory’s integration and testing.
China’s Mars 2020 probe is undergoing testing for atmospheric entry, descent and landing on the red planet, a researcher involved in the mission has stated.
China’s space station, set to be completed in 2022, will contain a core and two laboratory modules, the prototypes of which are currently being built.
The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) declared Friday that it would start to make preparations for a new flagship X-ray space observatory for the research of black holes, neutron stars and quark stars.
​China’s latest lunar probe, the Chang’e-4, is expected to land on the far side of the Moon on the second half this year in what is to be the first soft landing on the dark side of the moon in the history of space flight.
China’s Chang’e 4 mission to the far side of the Moon will include two microsatellites to be used to test low frequency radio astronomy in lunar orbit.

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Spacecraft Mission News (English, German) – 11.01.18


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SpaceX targeting late January for Falcon Heavy debut - SpaceNews.com
SpaceX is now planning to attempt the first launch of its Falcon Heavy rocket around the end of this month, the company’s chief executive said Jan. 4.
In Photos: SpaceX`s 1st Falcon Heavy Rocket Readies for Launch
SpaceX plans to launch its huge new Falcon Heavy rocket for the first time in January 2018. See photos of the powerful booster and its unusual payload here.
Behold! SpaceX`s 1st Falcon Heavy Rocket on the Launchpad (Photos, Video)
If you needed a reminder that SpaceX is about to debut its huge new Falcon Heavy rocket, here you go.
Is the James Webb Space Telescope "Too Big to Fail?"
Backers of NASA’s next great observatory contemplate its worst-case scenarios
The Fall of China’s Tiangong-1 Space Lab: Guessing Game with Prizes! (Updated)
The Aerospace Corporation’s Center for Orbital and Reentry Debris Studies (CORDS) is sponsoring a “live on green event” guessing game. Entrants can compete for Aerospace swag with the…
SpaceX Says Falcon 9 Rocket Performed as Expected During Zuma Launch
A report by the Wall Street Journal suggests the secret Zuma satellite launched by SpaceX Sunday night (Jan. 7) has failed. But SpaceX’s president Gwynne Shotwell says the Falcon 9…
Sorry sci-fi fans, real wars in space not the stuff of Hollywood - SpaceNews.com
Savvy space warriors like Russia’s military already are giving us a taste of the future. They are jamming GPS navigation signals, disrupting satellite communications links and sensors in…
How the US Navy Is Turning Sci-Fi Warfare into Reality
In the past 100 years, humanity went from fantasizing about ray guns to actually seeing some go „pew pew“ for real.
2018 a big year of transition for military space - SpaceNews.com
In the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act, Congress weakened the Air Force secretary’s power to set military space priorities and influence programs.

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Spacecraft Mission News (English, German) – 05.10.17


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Searching for distant worlds with a flying telescope
Researchers from the University of Bern, using an observatory on board a jumbo jet, have observed how the extrasolar Planet GJ 1214b is passing in front of its star, causing a kind of…
SOFIA: Flugzeugteleskop beobachtet Planetentransit
Astronomen haben mit SOFIA erstmals den Transit eines extrasolaren Planeten beobachtet. Die Beobachtungen von GJ 1214b zeigen, dass derartige Messungen mit dem Infrarot-Teleskop im Jumbojet…
Sputnik - 60 years of the space age
Sputnik – 60 years of the space age Sixty years ago, the first ‚beep-beep‘ signal from Sputnik was heard from the heavens on the night of 4 October 1957, marking the beginning of a new era…
CIA Site Redirect - Central Intelligence Agency
These challenges are international in scope and are priorities for the Central Intelligence Agency. If you have information about these or other national security challenges, please provide…
Hubble Paves Scientific Paths for NASA`s James Webb Space Telescope
NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope is helping identify potential celestial targets for the James Webb Space Telescope through a series of preparatory science observations to be completed before…
Spaceport schedule conflict could delay JWST launch - SpaceNews.com
WASHINGTON – NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope is facing a schedule conflict for its Ariane 5 launch with a European planetary science mission that could, in one scenario, delay the…
NASA`s James Webb Space Telescope to be Launched Spring 2019
The launch date was moved after the team reassessed the schedule following testing.
NASA Delays Launch of $8.8 Billion James Webb Space Telescope to 2019
NASA Delays Launch of $8.8 Billion James Webb Space Telescope to 2019
The successor to NASA’s famed Hubble Space Telescope won’t get off the ground next year after all.NASA has pushed the planned launch of the $8.8 billion James Webb Space Telescope from October 2018 to the spring of 2019, citing spacecraft-integration issues.
ESA Science & Technology: Biomarker found in space complicates search for life on exoplanets
A molecule once thought to be a useful marker for life as we know it has been discovered around a young star and at a comet for the first time, suggesting these ingredients are inherited…
No Life Needed: Organic Compound Forms at Comet and Baby Star System
Organic molecules once thought to be produced only by life-forms have been found in two separate regions of space: a nearby comet and the debris around a pair of forming stars. Previous…
Rapper B.o.B. Wants to Launch a Satellite to See if Earth Is Flat
B.o.B may be about to blow the lid off the „round-Earth conspiracy.“ Unlike the rest of us, the Atlanta-based rapper has not been „tricked“ into believing our planet is spherical by…
Astronauts to Flat-Earther B.o.B: We`ve Seen the Curve
Some former NASA astronauts have a message for flat-Earther B.o.B: The curve is real, and we’ve seen it. Last week, the Atlanta-based rapper kicked off a crowdfunding campaign to raise $1…

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