Weekly Spacecraft Mission News (English, German) – 05.03.20

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What is a Generation Ship?

The concept of a Generation Ship is a time-honored one, but is it the best way to send an interstellar mission to colonize a distant planet?

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The MarCO Mission Comes to an End

The pair of briefcase-sized satellites made history when they sailed past Mars in 2019.

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First private space rescue mission sees two satellites latch together

A private satellite that is low on fuel could survive five more years because another satellite has come to its rescue – a technique that could be used by future service spacecraft

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Missionszeit verlängern: Erstmals zwei kommerzielle Satelliten angedockt

Erstmals ist es gelungen, zwei kommerzielle Satelliten im Orbit zu verbinden. Mit dem Manöver soll die Lebenszeit eines Fernsehsatelliten verlängert werden.

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