Weekly Spacecraft Mission News (English, German) – 20.02.20

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Preparing Orion for thermal vacuum testing

A timelapse video of the Orion spacecraft with European Service Module getting ready for thermal vacuum testing at NASA’s Plum Brook Station. The first Orion will fly farther from Earth on the Artemis I mission than any human-rated vehicle has ever flown before – but first it will undergo testing to ensure the spacecraft withstands the extremes of spaceflight.

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NASA’s Glenn Research Center: Incubator of technologies for flight

With supersonic wind tunnels, giant vacuum chambers, engine test stands and a deep shaft for dropping test packages, NASA’s!    Glenn Research Center puts air and space hardware to the test.

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Preparing for the unknown

How do you prepare for the things you don’t know? That’s right – it’s tricky. And it’s one of the fundamental problems of space flight. With projects like the International Space Station (ISS), in 20 years of operation, we have gained a knowledge base that is large enough to prepare astronauts for most of the situations they can expect in a long duration mission to Low Earth Orbit.

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Die Sonne im Fokus: Lagrange-Mission der ESA

Die Lagrange-Mission der ESA wird die Aktivität der Sonne beobachten und Daten für frühe Warnungen vor möglicherweise extremen Weltraumwetterereignissen liefern, um Maßnahmen zum Schutz von und zur Eindämmung potenzieller Schäden für Satelliten im Orbit oder Infrastrukturen auf der Erde zu treffen.

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NASA Picks 4 Discovery Missions For Concept Studies

NASA has selected four Discovery Program investigations to develop concept studies for new missions. Although they’re not official missions yet and some ultimately may not be chosen to move forward, the selections focus on compelling targets and science that are not covered by NASA’s active missions or recent selections. Final selections will be made next year.

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Home from space, Christina Koch reflects on move from orbit to Earth

Six days after returning from her record-setting first space mission, Christina Koch said that it took longer to adjust to life in orbit than it did to transition to being back on Earth.

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