Spacecraft Mission News (English, German) – 18.01.18

Front Page / Titelseite

DLR_next - Während der Gerst-Mission: Raumfahrt-Show für Schulen!
Wenn der deutsche ESA-Astronaut Alexander Gerst im Jahr 2018 auf der Internationalen Raumstation ISS lebt und arbeitet, wird das auch wieder viele Kinder und Jugendliche begeistern.
Chinese Villagers Capture Falling Long March Rocket Booster on Video – Spaceflight101
Chinese villagers captured remarkable footage just after sunrise on Friday showing a Long March 3B rocket booster falling out of the sky, crashing into a mountain and exploding into flames…
Earth Resides in Oddball Solar System, Alien Worlds Show
Our solar system may be an oddball in the universe. A new study using data from NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope shows that in most cases, exoplanets orbiting the same star have similar…
Lost in space? Questions mount over fate of secret satellite as SpaceX pushes ahead
For SpaceX the stakes are especially high – not just because a valuable national security asset valued at hundreds of millions of dollars, or more, that it was hired to launch was…
Space Bites: The Value of the Moon | Paul D. Spudis
The Moon is a destination, a laboratory for science, a place to learn the skills of planetary exploration, and a source of materials and energy for use on th…

International Spacestation (ISS) /

Internationale Raumstation

Crew Monitors Student Contest, Packs Dragon and Works Biomedical Science – Space Station
Students on Earth are remotely testing algorithms on a pair of internal satellites as part of a competition aboard the International Space Station today. Meanwhile, the Expedition 54 crew…
Dragon Departs Station and Heads Back to Earth for Splashdown – Space Station
Ground controllers released the SpaceX Dragon cargo spacecraft from the International Space Station’s robotic arm at 4:58 a.m. EST. The capsule will begin a series of departure burns and…
Dragon Release Training and Astronaut Health Studies on Station Today – Space Station
The Expedition 54 crew aboard the International Space Station is training for this weekend’s departure of the SpaceX Dragon commercial cargo craft. The crew is also exploring regenerative…
Commercial cargo craft splashes down in Pacific Ocean after station resupply run – Spaceflight Now
A commercial cargo capsule owned by SpaceX concluded a month-long resupply trip to the International Space Station on Saturday, wrapping up the 13th round-trip flight to the station by a…
Twice-Flown Dragon Cargo Spacecraft Splashes Down – Dragon SpX-13 | Spaceflight101
SpaceX’s Dragon C108.2 spacecraft departed the International Space Station after a month-long stay on Saturday via the first-ever ground-controlled release of a visiting vehicle, sending…

Earth / Erde

Classified NROL-47 Found in Orbit by Satellite Trackers, Identity Confirmed as Topaz 5 – NROL-47 | Spaceflight101
The classified NROL-47 satellite launched by a Delta IV rocket on Friday had barely made its first lap around Earth when its identity as a radar reconnaissance satellite was revealed by…
No Signs of Life from Russian-built AngoSat, Troubleshooting to Resume in April – Zenit – AngoSat-1
The Russian-built AngoSat-1 communications satellite launched into orbit on December 26 has not shown any signs of orbital activity and will drift out of range of ground control stations…
China Launches Earth-Observing Satellite on Long March 2D Rocket
A Long March 2D rocket launched a new Earth-mapping satellite for China Saturday (Jan. 12).
NOAA updates its weather constellation and retires an old workhorse -
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrationannounced plans Jan. 8 to retire its decade-old Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES) 13 to make way for its next…
New U.S. missile-warning satellite set for launch at Cape Canaveral -
The SBIRS satellites are equipped with powerful scanning and staring infrared sensors that collect data for use by the U.S. military to detect missile launches.
Is America`s Hypersonic Spy Plane Back and Better Than Ever?
Some ambiguous wording during an aerospace conference hints that a new hypersonic spy plane may have already been built.
New U.S. missile-warning satellite set for launch at Cape Canaveral -
The SBIRS satellites are equipped with powerful scanning and staring infrared sensors that collect data for use by the U.S. military to detect missile launches.

Solar System / Sonnensystem

Sonnensystem: Ein neues Porträt von Venus
Japanische Raumsonde porträtiert Venus im Infraroten und Ultravioletten
Moon Rush: These Companies Have Big Plans for Lunar Exploration
The moon may soon be a very busy place. A number of companies and governments are planning missions to the lunar surface in the next few years, and the spate of activity could lay the…
Catalog Page for PIA21974
Colorful swirling cloud belts dominate Jupiter’s southern hemisphere in this image captured by NASA’s Juno spacecraft.
`Totally Wrong` on Jupiter: What Scientists Gleaned from NASA`s Juno Mission
By the time Juno launched, astronomers had a pretty good idea of what to expect from the new images and data it would collect at Jupiter — or so they thought.

Beyond Solar System / Milchstraße & Kosmos

NASA Space Telescopes Provide a 3-D Journey Through the Orion Nebula - NASA Spitzer Space Telescope
Astronomers and visualization specialists from NASA’s Universe of Learning program have combined visible and infrared vision of the Hubble and Spitzer space telescopes to create an…

Politics / Politik

Today`s Commercial Crew Hearing - NASA Watch
„10 a.m. EST, the U.S. House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology will hold a Subcommittee on Space hearing titled An Update on NASA Commercial Crew Systems Development. The purpose…
Bridenstine Confirmation: Its Going To Be Close - NASA Watch
Rep. Bridenstine’s Bid to Become NASA Head Stumbles Amid Partisan Brawl, Wall Street Journal (behind paywall)

Technology / Technologie

Allgemeines Live-Blog ab dem 14. Januar 2018
14. Januar Da ist er wieder zurück, schon zum zweiten Mal, der Dragon, der wieder verwendet auf einer Falcon 9 mit wieder verwendeter erster Stufe zur ISS geflogen war: Artikel hier, hier…
What Happened to Zuma? What We Know About Secret SpaceX Mission
Something weird is going on with a classified SpaceX payload launched Sunday night (Jan. 7), codenamed Zuma.
Video: PSLV Launch with Cartosat-2F et al. – PSLV C40 | Spaceflight101
India’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle lifted off from the First Launch Pad at the Satish Dhawan Space Center at 3:59 UTC on January 12, 2018 with an assortment of 31 satellites from…
Japan’s Third Epsilon Rocket to Launch ASNARO-2 Radar Satellite – Spaceflight101
Japan’s Epsilon rocket is gearing up for liftoff from the country’s Uchinoura Space Center on Wednesday with the ASNARO-2 satellite – a compact, but high-performance radar-imaging…
Third Chinese Launch of the Week Deploys LKW-3 Land Survey Satellite – Spaceflight101
China conducted its third space launch in a span of just over four days on Saturday, involving a Long March 2D rocket lifting off from the country’s Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center to…
China`s third space launch in five days carries land survey satellite to orbit
China has completed its third space launch within five days, with the LKW 3 remote sensing satellite being lofted by a Long March 2D rocket from Jiuquan.
China Launches 2 SuperView Earth-Observation Satellites Into Orbit
A Long March 2D rocket successfully launched two new Earth-observing satellites into orbit this week for Beijing Space View Technology in China.
Camera focus shift won’t affect TESS mission -
Scientists are confident a focus issue discovered last year with an upcoming NASA exoplanet mission won’t affect its ability to meet its goals.
SpaceX Slips Commercial Crew Launch Date Again - NASA Watch
„Boeing Orbital Flight Test (uncrewed): August 2018 Boeing Crew Flight Test (crewed): November 2018 SpaceX Demonstration Mission 1 (uncrewed): August 2018 SpaceX Demonstration Mission 2…
Video: H-IIA Rocket Lifts Off with GCOM-C & SLATS Satellites – H-IIA – GCOM-C1 | Spaceflight101
Japan’s H-IIA rocket thundered off from the Tanegashima Space Center at 1:26:22 UTC on December 23, 2017 with the GCOM-C climate observatory and the SLATS Super-Low Altitude Test…
Wird bei der Installation des James Webb Space Telescope ein Mensch weiter von der Erde entfernt sein als je zuvor?
Nein. Das James Webb Space Telescope soll zwar seine Beobachtungen vom rund 1,5 Millionen Kilometer von der Erde entfernten Lagrange-Punkt L2 aus machen, doch wird das Teleskop mit einer…
SpaceX delays commercial crew test flights to latter half of 2018 -
SpaceX has delayed its two commercial crew test flights by four months, according to a new NASA schedule released Jan. 11.

Entertainment / Unterhaltung

You’ll flip your wig when you see Patrick Stewart with hair.
National Geographic`s `One Strange Rock` to Reveal Astronauts` View of Earth
„This is the story of the Earth, from the only people who have ever left it.“ That, in a tagline, is the premise of „One Strange Rock,“ a new 10-part television documentary series…
`First to the Moon` film seeks crowd funds for Apollo 8 50th anniversary release | collectSPACE
A feature-length documentary about the first humans to fly to the moon needs the public’s help if it is to be ready in time for the mission’s 50th anniversary. Director Paul…

World / Welt

In Bremen hat das Raumfahrtjahr begonnen
In Bremen hat das Raumfahrtjahr begonnen
Mit rund 100 Aktionen wollen die Veranstalter die Bürgerinnen und Bürger und Gäste der Stadt bis zum Herbst über Forschung und Technik im Weltall informieren.
NASA`s Quest for Human Spaceflight Popular Appeal - NASA Watch
„Objective: Analyze NASA’s efforts to „sell“ both its mission and its successes from its origins in 1958 to the present.
Applications now open for the Space Debris Training Course
Space debris is a hazard to our satellites and spacecraft as well as a contributor to near-Earth space pollution. To help raise awareness of this issue, ESA’s Education Office is…
Ames Research Center: R&D Lab for NASA
NASA’s Ames Research Center conducts research and development in aeronautics, exploration technology and science.
NASA Renames Swift Observatory in Honor of Late Principal Investigator
NASA has renamed its Swift spacecraft in memory of the mission’s original principal investigator, Neil Gehrels, who passed away in February 2017.
Scientists and engineers push for servicing and assembly of future space observatories -
A group of astronomers and engineers is seeking to convince NASA to study in-space servicing and assembly of future space telescopes.

Science / Wissenschaft

Understanding The Health Risks Of Human Space Exploration - NASA Watch
„The evidence reports reviewed in this National Academies‘ report are part of a larger roadmap process developed and under implementation by NASA’s Human Research Program. The goals of the…
Houston, wir haben ein Problem: All-Fieber
Hitzestau im All: Längere Aufenthalte in der Schwerelosigkeit können zu einer kontinuierlichen Zunahme der Körpertemperatur der Astronauten führen.
Going into Space Crushes the Delicate Nerves in Your Eyeballs
Researchers have shown that space travel puts a powerful, dangerous squeeze on the fragile tips of optic nerves.
NASA prepares to buy Earth science data from small satellite constellations -
NASA plans to begin awarding sole source contracts in March to companies flying small satellite constellations as part of an Earth science data pilot program.
Cloudy with a Chance of Radiation: NASA Studies Simulated Radiation
Artist’s impression of JUICE. Credit: Spacecraft: ESA/ATG medialab; Jupiter: NASA/ESA/J. Nichols (University of Leicester); Ganymede: NASA/JPL; Io: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona;…
EDEN-ISS: Autarkes Gewächshaus erreicht Antarktis
  EDEN-ISS Autarkes Gewächshaus erreicht Antarktis Redaktion / Pressemitteilung des DLR 15. Januar 2018
ESA Science & Technology: Rosetta and Planck honoured in annual Royal Astronomical Society awards
The awards were announced today as part of the society’s annual recognition of individuals or teams that have made significant achievements in the fields of astronomy and geophysics.
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