Weekly Spacecraft Mission News (English, German) – 16.01.2020

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The first cookies baked in space are back on Earth!

Following a ride home on a SpaceX Dragon capsule, the first food to be baked in space (a batch of cookies, of course) has landed back on Earth.

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A Mars sample-return mission is coming. Scientists want the public to know what to expect.

The first pristine pieces of Mars won’t be coming down to Earth for at least another decade, but the time to start preparing society for the epic arrival is now, scientists say.

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In photos: The amazing spacewalks of Expedition 61

The astronauts of Expedition 61 have tackled some historic spacewalks at the International Space Station, including the first all-woman spacewalk and four of the most challenging spacewalks ever.

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Two new satellites will launch this year to track Earth’s rising oceans

A new satellite will provide more detailed information about rising sea levels and other changes in Earth’s oceans. Meet Sentinel-6/Jason-CS.

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Why SpaceX’s Starlink satellites caught astronomers off guard

Astronomers have had five years to brace for the impact of SpaceX’s Starlink internet-satellite megaconstellation, but the first few batches of the spacecraft still managed to catch the community off guard.

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