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OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Mission – Asteroid Bennu / OSIRIS-REx Raumsonde – Asteroid Bennu

NASA’S OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Arrives at Asteroid Bennu – OSIRIS-REx Mission

NASA’s Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security-Regolith Explorer (OSIRIS-REx) spacecraft completed its 1.2 billion-mile (2 billion-kilometer) journey to arrive at the asteroid Bennu Monday. The spacecraft executed a maneuver that transitioned it from flying toward Bennu to operating around the asteroid.

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OSIRIS-REx: Offizielle Ankunft bei Asteroid Bennu

Die NASA-Sonde OSIRIS-REx hat gestern Abend offiziell den Asteroiden Bennu erreicht. Mitte August hatte die Sonde den Asteroiden erstmals aus einer Entfernung von 2,2 Millionen Kilometern ins Visier genommen und sich ihm seitdem immer weiter angenähert. OSIRIS-REx soll den Asteroiden gründlich untersuchen und im Jahr 2020 eine Bodenprobe nehmen.

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Final Approach to Bennu – OSIRIS-REx Mission

This set of images shows the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft’s view of Bennu during the final phase of its journey to the asteroid. From Aug. 17 through Nov. 27 the spacecraft’s PolyCam camera imaged Bennu almost daily as the spacecraft traveled 1.4 million miles (2.2 million km) toward the asteroid.

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Bennu Full Rotation at a Distance of 50 Miles – OSIRIS-REx Mission

This series of images taken by the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft shows Bennu in one full rotation from a distance of around 50 miles (80 km). The spacecraft’s PolyCam camera obtained the 36 2.2-millisecond frames over a period of four hours and 18 minutes.

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OSIRIS-REx Arrives at Bennu

After traveling through space for more than two years and over two billion kilometers, NASA’s Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security-Regolith Explorer (OSIRIS-REx) spacecraft arrived at its destination, asteroid Bennu, on Monday, Dec. 3, 2018.

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What’s Next for NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Probe at Asteroid Bennu?

NASA’s first asteroid-sampling mission has arrived at its destination, but it still has a lot of prep work ahead before the spacecraft can bite into the space rock. Yesterday (Dec. 3), NASA’s OSIRIS-REx probe sidled up to its diamond-shaped target, the near-Earth asteroid Bennu, ending a deep-space chase that lasted 27 months and covered more than 1.25 billion miles (2 billion kilometers).

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Hello, Bennu! NASA Asteroid-Sampling Probe Reaches Its Target Space Rock

The United States‘ first asteroid-sampling probe has arrived at its target, acing a deep-space rendezvous about 76 million miles (122 million kilometers) from Earth.

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Asteroid Bennu: NASA-Sonde Osiris-Rex nach zwei Jahren am Ziel

Eines Tages könnte Bennu der Erde gefährlich nahe kommen. Nach zwei Jahren Flug ist die NASA-Sonde bei dem Asteroiden angekommen, um ihn genau zu erforschen.

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The Space Party Continues: NASA Probe Arrives at Asteroid Bennu Monday

I hope you’re not all partied out after the InSight lander’s successful touchdown on Mars this week, because there’s another big spaceflight event just around the corner. NASA’s OSIRIS-REx probe will officially arrive at the near-Earth asteroid Bennu at about 12 p.m. EST (1700 GMT) on Monday (Dec. 3), ending a 27-month deep-space chase. NASA will mark the occasion with a special webcast event from 11:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. EST (1645 to 1715 GMT), which you can watch live here at, courtesy of NASA TV.

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Russians Are Struggling to Keep Soyuz Reliable, Space Expert Warns Ahead of Crew Launch

While the Soyuz spacecraft has been delivering crews to space for decades, with a history of reliability over that time, changes in the industry mean that Russia is now struggling to keep its spaceflights safe, said an expert on the Russian space program. However, he said he does expect more safety checks ahead of the Expedition 58 launch on Dec. 3, which will include a U.S. astronaut

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Success of Tiny Mars Probes Heralds New Era of Deep-Space Cubesats

The era of the interplanetary cubesat has definitively dawned. Less than seven months ago, no tiny spacecraft had ever voyaged beyond Earth orbit. But two briefcase-size probes just blazed a trail all the way to Mars, covering 301 million deep-space miles (484 million kilometers) and beaming home data from NASA’s InSight lander during the latter’s successful touchdown on the Red Planet Monday (Nov. 26).

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