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The Most Exciting Space Missions to Watch in 2018
China’s Tiangong-1 space lab has been orbiting Earth since September 2011, but it is slated for an uncontrolled re-entry through Earth’s atmosphere in late January or later, officials…
Looking Ahead: Space Missions for 2018 - Sky & Telescope
The next year will see space missions headed for Mars, Mercury, the Sun, and more. Asteroid rendezvous, exoplanet discoveries, and a Mars landing await.
Flying Observatory SOFIA to Explore Magnetic Universe and Beyond
NASA’s flying observatory SOFIA, is preparing for its 2018 observing campaign, which will include observations of celestial magnetic fields, star-forming regions, comets, Saturn’s giant…
SpaceX`s 1st Falcon Heavy Rocket Now at Launchpad Ahead of Maiden Flight
Watch a time-lapse video of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket going vertical at launch pad 39A this morning. #SpaceX #FalconHeavy -…
Dem Merkur entgegen
Im Oktober 2018 soll die europäisch-japanische Raumsonde BepiColombo zum innersten Planeten unseres Sonnensystems starten. Nach der Ankunft werden Ende 2025 je ein europäischer und…
Airbus BepiColombo Probe to Mercury
Airbus BepiColombo Probe to Mercury
The Strangest Space Stories Of 2017
From claims of alien life on the International Space Station to the discovery of titanium snow on an alien planet, there were some strange space stories that made headlines in 2017….

International Spacestation (ISS) /

Internationale Raumstation

International Crew Researching Life Science Ahead of New Year
After a Russian cargo ship departed the International Space Station Thursday, the Expedition 54 crew is wrapping up the final work week of 2017 orbiting Earth and conducting science. The…
NASA`s Best Earth-from-Space Photos by Astronauts in 2017 (Gallery)
For astronauts in space, the Earth is always an amazing sight and the year 2017 offered dazzling (and sometimes frightening) views of our home planet from space. From hurricanes and…
Kann man von der ISS aus eigentlich das Silvesterfeuerwerk erkennen?
Kann man von der ISS aus eigentlich das Silvesterfeuerwerk erkennen?
Astronauts Are Gearing Up to Celebrate the New Year in Space (Video)
Astronauts on the International Space Station have New Year’s Day (Jan. 1) off, so how will they ring in the New Year, and how will it compare to their year-end traditions on Earth?
Progress MS-06 Cargo Craft Closes Out 196-Day Mission with ISS Departure & Re-Entry
Russia’s Progress MS-06 cargo spacecraft closed out a mission of over six months on Thursday, departing the International Space Station after a 194-day stay and firing its main engine to…
ISS On-Orbit Status Report
Personal Radiation Shielding for Interplanetary Missions (PERSEO): Today the crew performed an initial checkout of a radiation shielding garment for the Italian Space Agency (ASI) PERSEO…

Solar System / Sonnensystem

A Gift from Saturn: Icy Moon Enceladus Amid Glowing Rings (Photo)
NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has given the world a belated Christmas gift: a stunning view of Saturn’s Enceladus moon silhouetted against the planet’s glistening rings. The photo, which NASA…

Beyond Solar System / Milchstraße & Kosmos

ESA Science & Technology: Galactic David and Goliath [heic1712]
In this NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image, a firestorm of star birth is lighting up one end of the dwarf galaxy Kiso 5639.
No Alien Megastructure: Star`s Weird Dimming Likely Caused by Dust
E.T. has nothing to do with the bizarre dimming events of the mysterious object known as Tabby’s star, a new study reports.

Technology / Technologie

Peinlicher Programmierfehler führt zum Verlust einer russischen Weltraumrakete | NZZ
Russland hat ein neues Kosmodrom eröffnet, aber bei einem Raketenstart im November irrtümlich die Koordinaten des alten Weltraumbahnhofs Baikonur verwendet. Die Raumfahrtbehörde…
SpaceX Launching Top-Secret Zuma Satellite for US Government This Week
A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket is scheduled to launch Zuma, a top-secret U.S. government satellite, between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. EDT Friday (Jan. 5; 0100 to 0300 GMT Jan. 6) from NASA’s…
Angosat-1 communications restored after post-launch glitch -
GLASSBORO, New Jersey – Angola’s new satellite is communicating normally with ground teams again after losing contact shortly following launch. Moscow-based Energia, manufacturer of…

World / Welt

2017 Space Launch Statistics
Orbital Launch Activity 2017 – Summary Taking the lead on its own for the first time since 2003, the United States conducted 29 orbital space launches from its own territory using six…
NASA willing to consider flying researchers on commercial suborbital vehicles -
BROOMFIELD, Colo. — As commercial suborbital vehicles capable of carrying both payloads and people prepare to enter service, NASA officials say they’re willing to consider allowing…
Military launch quality issues flagged by DoD watchdog -
IG report: United Launch Alliance, SpaceX, and ULA subcontractor Aerojet Rocketdyne „did not perform adequate quality assurance management of the EELV program.“ Updated Dec. 28 with Aerojet…
NASA Visitor Center to Open Astronaut Training Attraction in 2018
A new year is bringing a new astronaut-themed attraction to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida. The all-new Astronaut Training Experience (ATX), opening in full in…
Trump`s `Back to the Moon` Directive Leaves Some Scientists with Mixed Feelings
NEW ORLEANS -Despite President Trump’s declared intention to send human explorers to the moon before Mars, astronomers and planetary scientists remained wary. While some expressed their…

Science / Wissenschaft

Astronauts Identify Mystery Microbes in Space for the 1st Time
NASA astronauts successfully sequenced the DNA of microbes found aboard the International Space Station, marking the first time unknown organisms…

Spacecraft Mission News (English, German) is out. #SpaceX #BepiColombo #ESA #NASASofia #NASA #Merkur #Mercury #FalconHeavy

History / Geschichte

Learn About Space History with NASA JPL`s Free 2018 Calendar
You can start each day of the new year with a little spaceflight history, thanks to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). JPL, the agency’s hub for robotic planetary exploration missions,…
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