Scenes of the Seasons

When I imported some new photos from the camera, I got stock by looking old photos in my library. Some of them were made ad hoc, only because the scene was somehow impressive.

I decided to put some of them together into a video with background music. The stream of pictures creates a relaxing atmosphere for me. It starts with impressions related to the winter, continuing with spring, summer and autumn, closing the cycle of life with the winter again. Especially as we have now the last weeks of the year, the thoughts go back to what has happened in 2010.

The film is about 12 minutes long. The artists provided their songs The songs are provided by and I received respectively bought the necessary licenses from them. Artists and detailed links are given in the films.

Comments are very welcome.

Please enjoy the video:

  • My personal gallery (QuickTime might be asked for installation)
  • YouTube (uploaded 18.10.2010, 17 CET, may be not available yet because it has to be processed by YouTube)


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