Weekly Spacecraft Mission News (English, German) – 20.11.19

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Regular Crew Launches by SpaceX, Boeing Likely Won’t Start Until Summer 2020, NASA Inspector General Says

NASA’s crew launches to the ISS on private vehicles built by SpaceX and Boeing likely won’t begin until summer 2020, warns a new report from the agency’s Office of Inspector General.

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The 1st Sun Details from NASA’s Parker Solar Probe Are Out. And They’re Hot!

Want to see the sun in a whole new way?

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NASA’s 1st SLS Megarocket Core Stage for the Moon Has Its Engines (Photos)

NASA’s first new megarocket bound for the moon now has all of its engines for the first uncrewed lunar flight of the U.S. space agency’s Artemis program.

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Here’s How Much NASA Is Paying Per Seat on SpaceX’s Crew Dragon & Boeing’s Starliner

Boeing’s astronaut taxi will cost NASA about 60% more per seat than SpaceX’s vehicle will, according to a new report by the space agency’s Office of Inspector General.

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India Could Land on the Moon in 2020 with Chandrayaan 3

Just months after a landing anomaly, India is ready to make another try at touching down on the moon, according to a news report.

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Weekly Spacecraft Mission News (English, German) – 14.11.19

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Japanische Asteroidensonde Hayabusa2 hat die Ryugu-Umlaufbahn verlassen

Nach einer Serie von Forschungen und der Entnahme von Bodenproben hat die japanische Sonde Hayabusa2 am Mittwoch die Umlaufbahn des Asteroiden Ryugu mit einer Geschwindigkeit von 9,2 Zentimetern pro Sekunde verlassen. Das sei durch die Zündung von chemischen Triebwerken erfolgt, teilte die japanische Weltraumagentur JAXA mit. In […]

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Farewell, Ryugu! Japan’s Hayabusa2 Probe Leaves Asteroid for Journey Home

Japan’s enterprising asteroid-sampling spacecraft began they journey home Tuesday (Nov. 12), packed full of precious space rocks that scientists can’t wait to get their hands on.

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See the 4 Sites Where a NASA Spacecraft May ‚Tag‘ Asteroid Bennu Next Year (Photos)

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft will „tag“ asteroid Bennu at one of four potential sites next year. See close-up views of the four candidate sites here!

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Weekly Spacecraft Mission News (English, German) – 07.11.19

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Rogosin weist Bau zweier zusätzlicher Sojus-Raumschiffe an –   Reaktion auf Bitten der NASA

Der Chef der GK Roskosmos, Dmitri Rogosin, hat die Freigabe der Mittel für zwei zusätzliche Sojus-Raumschiffe angeordnet. Sie würden unter anderem auch gebaut, um den Amerikanern zu helfen, deren Raumschiffe Crew Dragon und Starliner nicht vor 2021 zur Verfügung stünden.

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Why Mars Base Tech Should Be Tested on the Moon First

The coming generation of moon explorers should consider using lunar habitats as a test bed for future Mars missions, said a representative from the French space agency.

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How Japan’s Hayabusa2 Stuck Its Landings on the Boulder-Strewn Asteroid Ryugu

Hayabusa2’s team — despite encountering a rockier surface than expected — made flawless touchdowns twice on an asteroid. Yet there are no plans for a „Hayabusa3,“ at least right now.

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There’s Something Strange Going On Inside Neptune

Are planetary burps to blame?

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A decade probing the Sun

Ten years ago, a small satellite carrying 17 new devices, science instruments and technology experiments was launched into orbit, on a mission to investigate our star and the environment that it rules in space.

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NASA wertet Startabbruch-Test von Starliner als „sehr gelungen“

Die US-Luft- und Raumfahrtbehörde NASA hat den unbemannten Startabbruch-Test des Starliners von Boeing am Montag als „sehr gelungen“ bewertet. Obwohl sich einer der drei Fallschirme der Mannschaftskabine nicht geöffnet habe, sei diese sanft gelandet, sagte ein Kommentator.

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NASA’s Voyager Spacecraft May Have 5 Years Left to Explore Interstellar Space

The twin Voyager probes are the ultimate spaceflight overachievers, but everyone knows their run can’t last forever.

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Boeing Tests Starliner Spacecraft’s Launch Abort System for Rocket Emergencies

Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner crewed vehicle aced a crucial safety test this morning in the New Mexico desert.

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Boeing Tests Starliner Capabilities to Escape Dangerous Pad Conditions

Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner crewed vehicle aced a crucial safety test this morning in the New Mexico desert.

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A Journey to Mars Starts on the Space Station

NASA is looking for ways to make a visit to the International Space Station a little more like a voyage to Mars.

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Weekly Spacecraft Mission News (English, German) – 31.10.19

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Title picture / Titelbild: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Mars Rover 2020

Mars 2020 Stands on Its Own Six Wheels

In time-lapse video, taken at JPL, captures the first time NASA’s Mars 2020 rover carries its full weight on its legs and wheels.

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Mars 2020 Unwrapped and Ready for More Testing

In time-lapse video, bunny-suited engineers remove the inner layer of protective foil on NASA’s Mars 2020 rover after it was relocated for testing.

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NASA’s Mars 2020 Rover Tests Descent-Stage Separation

A crane lifts the rocket-powered descent stage away from NASA’s Mars 2020 rover after technicians tested the pyrotechnic charges that separate the two spacecraft.

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Mars 2020 Rover Cost Could Starve Other Red Planet Missions

The Mars science community is concerned that the growing costs of NASA’s Mars 2020 rover mission could affect the availability of funds for other robotic missions.

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Weekly Spacecraft Mission News (English, German) – 24.10.19

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The Downlink: A Historic All-Woman Spacewalk, Hubble Spies Interstellar Comet

Planetary exploration news for busy people

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Hope Mars Mission: Launching the Arab World into the Space Race

When the UAE president announced that his country would make a satellite to study Mars‘ atmosphere in unparalleled detail, he set an unprecedented goal for the Arab world.

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NASA Needs to Get With the Times When It Comes to Planetary Protection, Report Finds

NASA’s current planetary-protection policies reflect a bygone era of space exploration and need to be updated, a new report argues.

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Moon Dust Could Be a Problem for Future Lunar Explorers

Explorers and tourists on the moon will have to deal with lunar dust, which is abrasive and pervasive.

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NASA to Demonstrate New Star-Watching Technology with Thousands of Tiny Shutters

NASA scientists have developed a revolutionary technology of tiny shutters that open and close as needed to focus on studying hundreds of stars and galaxies at the same time.

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Boeing kündigt ersten unbemannten Starliner-Flug für Dezember an

Der US-Konzern Boeing hat für Dezember den ersten unbemannten Start seines neuen Raumschiffes Starliner zur Internationalen Raumstation ISS angekündigt. Der Starliner werde um den 17. Dezember zur Station fliegen und nach etwa einer Woche wieder zur Erde zurückkehren, teilte ein Boeing-Sprecher auf dem 70. Internationalen Astronautischen Kongress (IAC) in […]

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Boeing’s Starliner set for two pivotal test flights before the year’s end

Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft is preparing for two major flight tests before the end of the year, which will pave the way for the spacecraft’s first crewed flight in 2020. The capsule is being developed under NASA’s Commercial Crew Program to provide transportation services to and from the International Space Station.

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We Could Go to Venus with Today’s Technology, Scientists Say

We could go to Venus tomorrow with the technology we have today, urged a NASA scientific advisory group, and the group’s members would like to get a mission off the ground as soon as possible.

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Weekly Spacecraft Mission News (English, German) – 16.10.19

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Title picture / Titelbild: ESA–S. Corvaja

Euclid completes thermal-vacuum balance tests

This is the first entry in the Euclid Test Campaign Journal, a series of articles covering the main events during testing of the Structural and Thermal Model (STM) and Flight Model (FM) of the spacecraft. The mission, scheduled for launch in 2022,

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Reflecting on deep space

Operations image of the week: This 32-metre antenna is undergoing an important transformation. Soon, it will be ready to communicate with spacecraft across deep space

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NASA Tests Mars 2020 Rover’s Sky Crane Landing Tech

NASA’s Mars 2020 rover mission has reached another milestone with a successful separation test of the descent stage that will deliver the six-wheeled robot to the surface of the Red Planet.

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Weekly Spacecraft Mission News (English, German) – 10.10.19

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Title image / Titelbild: Copyright: Airbus Defence and Space

Presseinladung: Letzter Blick auf die europäische Sonde Solar Orbiter

Die neue ESA-Sonde zur Erkundung der Sonne wird Europa demnächst verlassen, denn die letzten Startvorbereitungen beginnen bereits im November in Cape Canaveral in Florida, USA. Gemeinsam mit Airbus Defence and Space laden wir Medienvertreter ein, am 18. Oktober im Raumfahrt-Testzentrum der IABG in Ottobrunn bei München einen letzten Blick auf Solar Orbiter zu werfen, bevor die Raumsonde zur Abschussbasis gebracht wird

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Call for Media: Last chance to view Europe’s Solar Orbiter

ESA’s new Sun explorer will leave Europe soon, with final launch preparations starting in November at Cape Canaveral in Florida, US. ESA and Airbus Defence and Space invite members of the media to get a final glimpse of Solar Orbiter on 18 October at IABG’s space test centre in Ottobrunn, near Munich, Germany, before the spacecraft departs for the launch site.

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NASA Shares Incredible 3D Map of the Moon

NASA shared a new 3D animation of the moon, offering a stunning view of the lunar landscape.

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Why NASA’s Annoyed About Elon Musk’s Giant Rocket

SpaceX has never flown a person into space in its first spacecraft, the Crew Dragon. But already Musk is showing off his big, shiny Starship — and NASA is bristling.

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Patrick Stewart, Billy Dee Williams Highlight a Common Misconception About Space Exploration

Comments from Billy Dee Williams and Sir Patrick Stewart revealed a major and common misconception about how many view space exploration.

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NASA Chief Talks Moon Landing and More in North Dakota

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine stopped by the University of North Dakota on Sept. 4 to check out its spacesuits and possibly, recruit help for his looming moon deadline.

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Nasa Insight Mars Lander

InSight: Neuer Versuch mit dem Marsmaulwurf

An Bord des NASA-Marslanders InSight befindet sich auch eine kleine Rammsonde, die in den Marsuntergrund eindringen sollte, um hier Temperaturmessungen vorzunehmen. Doch leider blieb dieser Marsmaulwurf schon nach kurzer Zeit stecken. Nun hat ein Team in den USA und in Deutschland das Problem analysiert und startet einen neuen Versuch, weiter in den Untergrund vorzudringen. (4. Oktober 2019)

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NASA’s Push to Save the Mars InSight Lander’s Heat Probe

NASA’s InSight lander, which is on a mission to explore the deep interior of Mars, positioned its robotic arm this past weekend to assist the spacecraft’s self-hammering heat probe. Known as „the mole,“ the probe has been unable to dig more than about 14 inches (35 centimeters) since it began burying itself into the ground on Feb. 28, 2019. The maneuver is in preparation for a tactic, to be tried over several weeks, called „pinning.“

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NASA’s Stuck Mars ‚Mole‘ Gets a Helping Hand from Arm Scoop

An instrument on NASA’s InSight lander has been stuck in the Martian soil for months, but engineers have come up with a new plan to try to save the device.

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International Space Station / Internationale Raumstation

Russisches Raumschiff Sojus MS-12 sicher in Kasachstan gelandet

Moskau, 3. Oktober 2019 — Das Raumschiff Sojus MS-12 mit dem russischen Kosmonauten Alexei Owtschinin, dem US-Astronauten Nick Hague und dem ersten Raumfahrer der Vereinigten Arabischen Emirate (VAE), Hazza al-Mansuri, an Bord ist am Donnerstag um 12.59 Uhr deutscher Zeit sicher in der kasachischen Steppe rund 145 Kilometer süd-östlich der Stadt Dsheskasgan gelandet. Es […]

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Station Focuses on Busy Spacewalk Period After Trio Returns Home

The six-member Expedition 61 crew officially began Thursday morning after the departure of two Expedition 60 crewmates and a visiting astronaut. The current residents aboard the International Space Station now turn their attention to a series of spacewalks that begins Sunday.

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Touchdown! Three Multinational Crewmates Return to Earth

Hague and Ovchinin launched on March 14, along with fellow NASA astronaut Christina Koch, and arrived at the space station just six hours later to begin their 203-day mission, during which they orbited Earth 3,248 times, traveling 86.1 million miles. Koch remains aboard the orbiting laboratory for an extended mission that will provide researchers the opportunity to observe effects of long-duration spaceflight on a woman in preparation for human missions to the Moon and Mars. For Almansoori this landing completed an eight-day stay on board the station that covered 128 orbits of Earth and 3.1 million miles since launching Sept. 25 with NASA astronaut Jessica Meir and Oleg Skripochka of Roscosmos. Almansoori made history as he became the first person from the UAE to fly in space his mission as the first astronaut from the UAE.

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Station Swaps Commanders Before Crew Departure and Spacewalks

Two Expedition 60 crewmates and a visiting astronaut are returning to Earth on Thursday. The orbiting Expedition 61 residents staying on the International Space Station will then turn their attention to a series of spacewalks set to begin this weekend. Commander Alexey Ovchinin handed over control of the orbiting complex today to astronaut Luca Parmitano of ESA (European Space Agency) during the change of command ceremony. The Expedition 61 mission will officially begin when the three Expedition 60 crewmates depart the station.

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All-Female Spacewalk Back on After NASA Sends Up 2nd Medium Suit

More than six months after canceling what would have been the first spacewalk conducted by a team of two all women, NASA has rescheduled the historic moment for Oct. 21.

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The 1st All-Female Spacewalk Is Back on As NASA Gears Up for 10-EVA Marathon

NASA is gearing up for a marathon of spacewalks, and one of them could be the first spacewalk to be conducted entirely by women.

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NASA Expects to Buy More Soyuz Seats for Astronauts in 2020, at $85 Million a Pop: Reports

NASA anticipates having to buy yet more seats aboard Russian Soyuz spacecraft next year, according to media reports.

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First Emirati Astronaut Returns to Earth with Russian-US Space Station Crew

A Russian Soyuz spacecraft returned to Earth Thursday (Oct. 3) carrying the first UAE astronaut and two members of the International Space Station’s crew.

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In Photos: The Spacewalking Astronauts of Expedition 60

On Aug. 18, 2019, NASA astronauts Andrew Morgan and Nick Hague took a spacewalk outside the International Space Station to add a new docking adapter for future space taxis. Here’s what it looked like in pictures.

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The 1st Emirati Astronaut Has Had a Blast in Space, But It’s Time to Come Home

The first astronaut to reach space from the United Arab Emirates, Hazzaa Ali Almansoori, will return to Earth Thursday (Oct. 3) after an historic spaceflight for the UAE Space Agency, and he’s apparently having a blast.

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NASA Astronauts Kick Off First of Five Spacewalks for Power Upgrades

Two NASA astronauts switched their spacesuits to battery power this morning at 7:39 a.m. EDT. Expedition 61 Flight Engineers Christina Koch and Andrew Morgan  of NASA are kicking off the first in a series of five spacewalks dedicated to replacing batteries on the far end of the station’s port truss.

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Health Checks, Science as Spacewalk Season Kicks Off on Station

Two NASA spacewalkers are conducting routine post-spacewalk activities today after a 7 hour, 1 minute spacewalk Sunday prior to another excursion outside the International Space Station this Friday. Expedition 61 Flight Engineers Christina Koch and Andrew Morgan underwent a routine series of post-spacewalk health checks today with Commander Luca Parmitano assisting the astronauts.

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Crew Fills Tuesday With Spacewalk Preps, Science and Cargo Ops

NASA astronauts Andrew Morgan and Christina Koch are going out on their second spacewalk together Friday at 7:50 a.m. EDT. The duo today reviewed spacewalk procedures and set up the tools they will use to continue upgrading the station’s large nickel-hydrogen batteries with newer, more powerful lithium-ion batteries.

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Earth / Erde

Ocean-Monitoring Satellite Mission Ends After 11 Successful Years

The Jason-2/Ocean Surface Topography Mission (OSTM), the third in a U.S.-European series of satellite missions designed to measure sea surface height, successfully ended its science mission on Oct. 1.

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Want to See the First Satellite Propelled Solely by the Sun? Here’s How.

LightSail 2, The Planetary Society’s solar sailing spacecraft, has spent more than two months in orbit; here’s how to spot it in the sky.

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No Place Like Home: Astronaut Luca Parmitano Reminds Us How ‚Precious‘ Earth Is

Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano sent the United Nations an important message about climate change and the need to protect the future of our planet, in a new video from the space station.

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Moon / Mond

Intuitive Machines, NASA’s Hired Ride to the Moon, Aims for 2021 Lunar Landing

One of NASA’s two hired rides to the moon’s surface is tackling a host of milestones leading up to a July 2021 launch and looking ahead to future flights.

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NASA’s 2024 Moon Goal: Q&A with Human Landing System Chief Lisa Watson-Morgan

A NASA official discusses how the agency plans to pull off the ambitious landing plan.

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India’s Chandrayaan-2 Moon Probe Just Beamed Back Its 1st Lunar Science

India’s second-ever lunar orbiter arrived at the moon just over a month ago, and the probe’s instruments have already begun sending home science data.

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Solar System / Sonnensystem

Ancient Lake on Mars Turned Salty for a Spell, Curiosity Rover Finds

NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover may have just captured a snapshot of the Red Planet’s long-ago Great Drying.

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Beyond Solar System / Milchstraße & Kosmos

Spitzer Spots a Starry Region Bursting With Bubbles

This infrared image from NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope shows a cloud of gas and dust full of bubbles, which are inflated by wind and radiation from young, massive stars. Each bubble is filled with hundreds to thousands of stars, which form from dense clouds of gas and dust.

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Technology / Technologie

Controlling robots across oceans and space – no magic required

This Autumn is seeing a number of experiments controlling robots from afar, with ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano directing a robot in The Netherlands and engineers in Germany controlling a rover in Canada.

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Rocket Lab’s Electron Rocket

The tiny launcher for small satellites.

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Rocket Lab: Private Spaceflight for Tiny Satellites

Providing space for the small.

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Stuck in Safe Mode, DSCOVR Earth-Watching Satellite May Finally Get Fixed: Report

An Earth-observing satellite called DSCOVR has been stuck in safe mode for three months, and its operators finally have a plan to reboot it — but not for another few months.

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Elon Musk Takes Us Inside SpaceX’s Starship Mk1 Prototype (Video)

Just a few days after showing off the shiny silver exterior of SpaceX’s new spaceship, Elon Musk gave us a peek at the inside.

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SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Will Launch Private Moon Lander in 2021

The Nova-C lander, built by Houston-based Intuitive Machines, will launch atop a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket in 2021.

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Das neue bemannte Orjol-Raumschiff Russlands soll nun mit einer Angara gestartet werden

Das neue russische bemannte Raumschiff Orjol soll nun offenbar doch nicht mit dem ebenfalls neuen Mittelklasse-Träger Sojus-5, sondern mit einer schweren Angara-Rakete ins All geschossen werden.

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SpaceX May Launch Crucial Crew Dragon Abort Test Next Month, Elon Musk Says

A key safety test of SpaceX’s Crew Dragon astronaut taxi could occur as early as next month, Elon Musk said.

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World / Welt

NASA, Japan Consider Joint Crewed Moon Missions

Japan may join NASA in the American agency’s push to bring humans to the moon, NASA said in a statement.

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‚I Want the Solar System to Become Our Backyard,‘ Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson Says

Neil deGrasse Tyson would like to you to someday walk into a warehouse and „design your own rocket.“

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3 ‚Women of Apollo‘ Discuss Sexism at NASA, Science and When We’ll Get to Mars

Three women who were essential to the moon landing and NASA’s Apollo program as a whole chatted with Space.com about discrimination, engineering and our future on Mars.

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Blue Origin Probably Won’t Launch People to Space This Year

Blue Origin’s first crewed spaceflight probably won’t take place this year after all.

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Virgin Galactic Will Launch a Crewed Research Flight for Italian Air Force

For the first time ever, a government agency has booked a crewed research flight aboard a commercial spacecraft.

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Exoplanet zoo

Space Science Image of the Week: More than 200 children imagined diverse extra-solar worlds at ESA’s Open Day

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Entertainment / Unterhaltung

‚Lucy in the Sky‘ Review: Natalie Portman Stars in an Astronaut Love Triangle Inspired by Reality

„Lucy in the Sky“ is a fictional story of an astronaut coping with a return to Earth, apparently inspired by a real-life event.

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History / Geschichte

Neil Armstrong’s Sons Help Open Exhibit of Father’s Spacecraft in Cincinnati

On its first visit to Ohio, the spacecraft that returned to Earth the first astronauts to land on the moon was greeted by Neil Armstrong’s parents. Now, 49 years later, his sons had the honor.

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Weekly Spacecraft Mission News (English, German) – 03.10.19

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SpaxeX Starship

SpaceX zeigt stählernes Sternenschiff

Den „schnellsten Weg zu einer selbsterhaltenden Stadt auf dem Mars“ soll SpaceX‘ Starship darstellen. Elon Musk zeigte einen Prototyp.

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Elon Musk Unveils SpaceX’s New Starship Plans for Private Trips to the Moon, Mars and Beyond

The architecture is the best path toward a self-sustaining city on Mars, Musk stressed.

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SpaceX Finishes Assembling New Starship Prototype (Photo)

SpaceX has mated the top and bottom halves of the Starship Mk1 vehicle at its South Texas facilities, Elon Musk said today (Sept. 27).

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SpaceX’s Starship Project Not Affecting Crew Dragon Flights for NASA, Elon Musk Says

SpaceX’s quest to help humanity colonize Mars isn’t interfering with the company’s contracted work closer to home, Elon Musk said.

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Elon Musk Just Dropped More Tantalizing Details About SpaceX’s Starship Prototype

Elon Musk is doling out more and more details about SpaceX’s next Starship prototype ahead of his big presentation this weekend.

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‚Totally Nuts‘? Elon Musk Aims to Put a Starship in Orbit in 6 Months. Here’s SpaceX’s Plan.

SpaceX will soon have a whole fleet of shiny silver Starship prototypes, if all goes according to plan.

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Weekly Spacecraft Mission News (English, German) – 26.07.19

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Title picture / Titel Bild: via Wikipedia.de

Carla Thomas/NASA – http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/SOFIA/multimedia/imagegallery/index.html (image link)

Ursache für Kopplungsproblem bei Sojus MS-14 geklärt

Die Ursache für das Kopplungsproblem des russischen Raumschiffs Sojus MS-14 Ende August ist geklärt. Schuld sei ein loses Kabel am Annäherungs- und Kopplungssystem Kurs der Internationalen Raumstation ISS gewesen, teilte der russische Kosmonaut Alexander Skworzow mit.

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Rogosin will Ursache für Loch in der Orbitalsektion von Sojus MS-09 geheim halten

Die GK Roskosmos kennt den Grund für das Loch in der Orbitalsektion des Raumschiffes Sojus MS-09. Er werde diese Information der Öffentlichkeit aber nicht mitteilen, sagte der Chef der russischen Raumfahrtagentur, Dmitri Rogosin, am Mittwoch vor Studenten der Baltischen Staatlichen Technischen Universität Wejenmech D. F. […]

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SOFIA – NASA Jumbojet

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Weekly Spacecraft Mission News (English, German) – 19.09.19

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Title picture: Esa/Roscosmos/CaSSIS, CC BY-SA 3.0 IGOTitle picture

NASA Probe to Fly Over India’s Moon-Landing Site Tuesday

We could learn more about the fate of India’s first moon lander soon.

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Space Biology, Brad Pitt Interview as New Crew Preps for Launch

Hague spoke to actor Brad Pitt today who called up to the station from NASA Headquarters in Washington, D.C. They talked about Pitt’s upcoming movie and discussed what it is like to live in space.

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Brad Pitt Calls Space Station Astronaut to Talk ‚Ad Astra‘ and Life in Space (Video)

„Ad Astra“ star Brad Pitt talks about life in space with NASA astronaut Nick Hague, who recently screened the film at the International Space Station.

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Berner Marskamera liefert Aufnahmen von seltsamen Dünen und Kratern

Rund um den Nordpol des Mars scheint es Gasausbrüche zu geben. Andernorts treten trockene Lawinen auf, wie neuste Aufnahmen der Mars-Kamera «Cassis» zeigen.

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