Weekly Spacecraft Mission News (English, German) – 20.11.19

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Regular Crew Launches by SpaceX, Boeing Likely Won’t Start Until Summer 2020, NASA Inspector General Says

NASA’s crew launches to the ISS on private vehicles built by SpaceX and Boeing likely won’t begin until summer 2020, warns a new report from the agency’s Office of Inspector General.

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The 1st Sun Details from NASA’s Parker Solar Probe Are Out. And They’re Hot!

Want to see the sun in a whole new way?

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NASA’s 1st SLS Megarocket Core Stage for the Moon Has Its Engines (Photos)

NASA’s first new megarocket bound for the moon now has all of its engines for the first uncrewed lunar flight of the U.S. space agency’s Artemis program.

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Here’s How Much NASA Is Paying Per Seat on SpaceX’s Crew Dragon & Boeing’s Starliner

Boeing’s astronaut taxi will cost NASA about 60% more per seat than SpaceX’s vehicle will, according to a new report by the space agency’s Office of Inspector General.

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India Could Land on the Moon in 2020 with Chandrayaan 3

Just months after a landing anomaly, India is ready to make another try at touching down on the moon, according to a news report.

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Spacecraft Mission News (English, German) – 02.11.2017


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Die Mission GRACE geht nach 15 erfolgreichen Jahren zu Ende
Gravititationsänderungen messen und den Klimawandel genau dokumentieren Künstlerische Darstellung der GRACE-Satelliten und der Erde Mehr als 15 Jahre lang dokumentierten die…
GRACE mission comes to an end - SpaceNews.com
WASHINGTON – An Earth science mission launched more than 15 years ago has finally come to an end, slightly earlier than previously expected, NASA announced Oct. 27. In a statement, NASA…
GRACE: Erfolgreiche Schwerefeldmission ist beendet
Fünf Jahre lang sollten die beiden Satelliten der Mission GRACE das Schwerefeld der Erde vermessen, nach mehr als 15 Jahren wurde die Mission in der vergangenen Woche für beendet…
Relive New Horizons Probe`s Historic Discoveries with Epic NASA Video
HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – NASA is still up to a month away from setting a new target launch date for the first flight of the Space Launch System, but agency officials said they still expected it…
Its Time For The Semiannual SLS Launch Date Slip
„NASA will soon set a new date for the maiden flight of its massive Space Launch System rocket, which will send the Orion spacecraft on a test flight around the Moon. Previously, this…
Foom! NASA Tests Powerful Engine That Will Take Astronauts into Deep Space
Spectacular footage from a rocket engine test at NASA’s Stennis Space Center in Mississippi shows a larger than life cloud of smoke pouring across a field as spectators look on. The video…

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