Project management – Structure of needed competences

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When starting to learn or read about the project management, a lot of information is provided by different literature. This article is about a possible structure which helps to get an overview about the needed competencies, methods and tools.

As I wrote in my blog article from 27.03.12, I’m within the preparations for the project management certification according to IPMA level C. My company has chosen the National Competence Baseline (NCB) for Scandinavia, which is assigned to the ICB 3.0 from IPMA. I accomplished level D in Germany on the basis of ICB 3.0 under the certification rules by GPM Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement e.V.

The candidates, who want to certify level C according to the NCB of Scandinavia, have to fill-out a self-assessment document. The aim is to document the own competence as project manager. I want to give a rough overview, how the project manager competences are structured there. I feel, that structure might be helpful when applying all competences, approaches and methods for the own work. Whereas the books from GPM (Kompetenzbasiertes Projektmanagement -PM3) give a complete overview about all these topic areas, the NCB Scandinavia focuses on levels and processes of the project management.

The approach from NCB Scandinavia gives an interrelated view on the work of the project manager. More details about each element can then be retrieved by the books from GPM or similar literature.

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IPMA Certification based on National Competence Baseline (NCB) for Scandinavia

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I started a series of project management blog articles in german with my IPMA certification for Level D in Germany. The certification was done on the basis of the ICB 3.0 hosted by the GPM (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement e.V.). The certification was initiated by my employer, which is the internal IT service provider in Germany for the corporate group. Starting with 2012, the group has decided to harmonize the project management certification for all countries. As the mother company is located in Sweden, the National Competence Baseline (NCB) for Scandinavia was chosen. Therefore may level C certification has been started on that procedure.

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