Weekly Spacecraft Mission News (English, German) – 05.12.19

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ESA/CNES/Arianespace/Optique vidéo du CSG/S Martin

Erster Starliner-Start zur ISS verschoben

Der erste unbemannte Start des kommerziellen Raumschiffes Starliner von Boeing zur Internationalen Raumstation ISS ist um vorerst zwei Tage auf den 19. Dezember verschoben worden. Grund dafür sei ein Problem mit einer Druckluftleitung, teilte der Startdienstleister United Launch Alliance (ULA) mit. Der Fehler sei während der […]

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Boeing’s 1st Starliner Spacecraft Test Launch Delayed to Dec. 19

Boeing has pushed back the launch debut of its Starliner spacecraft to Dec. 19, a two-day delay, due to a glitch with the spacecraft’s Atlas V rocket.

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Watch Boeing’s Starliner Meet Its Rocket for the 1st Time in This Awesome Drone Video

A drone flying around the Kennedy Space Center recently captured incredible footage of a small step forward for NASA’s delayed commercial crew program.

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Europe Officially Signs on for Asteroid-Smashing Effort

The European Space Agency has officially approved the Hera mission, which will assess the results of NASA’s asteroid-walloping Double Asteroid Redirection Test.

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Orion spacecraft arrives at Plum Brook

The Orion spacecraft that will fly farther from Earth on the Artemis I mission than any human-rated vehicle has ever flown before, arrived at NASA’s Plum Brook Station yesterday. This was the first voyage of the assembled spacecraft – the size of a two-storey house – that includes NASA’s Crew Module and Crew Module Adapter as well as ESA’s European Service Module.

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SpaceX Aiming to Launch Crucial Crew Dragon In-Flight Abort Test This Month

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon astronaut taxi will get off the ground again this month, if all goes according to plan.

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Cheops Exoplanet Satellite

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Weekly Spacecraft Mission News (English, German) – 22.08.19

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ESA, „Exoplanet mission timeline

Der Transit der Sternenbegleiter

CHEOPS ist die erste von drei Missionen der ESA, die ab Herbst 2019 die Erforschung von Exoplaneten in den Blick nimmt. Das Weltraumteleskop des Satelliten soll die Größe und Beschaffenheit mehrerer hundert extrasolarer Himmelskörper untersuchen.

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Planetenjäger Cheops

Günther Hasinger, ESA-Direktor für Wissenschaft, erklärt, welche Rolle CHEOPS und die Folgemissionen für das Verständnis von der Entstehung der Planetensysteme spielen.

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Elon Musk Floats ‚Nuke Mars‘ Idea Again (He Has T-Shirts)

Nuking Mars is still on Elon Musk’s wish list, it would seem.

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Nuclear Propulsion Could Be ‚Game-Changer‘ for Space Exploration, NASA Chief Says

Humanity’s next giant leap could be enabled by nuclear thermal propulsion, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said.

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Meet Skybot F-850, the Humanoid Robot Russia Is Launching into Space

When a Russian Soyuz spacecraft launches from Kazakhstan for the International Space Station Wednesday, it will carry a humanoid robot called Skybo F-850.

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NASA’s Next Space Telescope Could Reveal Details About the TRAPPIST-1 Planets, But There’s One Problem

The James Webb Space Telescope could gather critical information about the atmospheres of planets in the TRAPPIST-1 planetary system, one new study finds.

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Where Are New Stars Born? NASA’s Webb Telescope Will Investigate

Using NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope as a sort of time machine, a team of researchers intends to look billions of years into the past to understand how stars like our Sun formed in the universe.

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Mirror to mirror

Space Science Image of the Week: Successful deployment of Webb’s secondary mirror marks major milestone for the revolutionary new observatory

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NASA Rehearses Astronaut Launch — and Rescue — with SpaceX, Boeing (Photos)

Both SpaceX and Boeing are busily preparing for the first crewed launches of their commercial spacecraft, and in case something goes wrong, they’re simulating different types of emergencies.

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NASA’s Europa Clipper Mission to Jupiter’s Icy Moon Clears Big Hurdle on Path to Launch

A highly anticipated NASA mission to Jupiter’s possibly life-supporting moon Europa remains on track for a mid-2020s launch.

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