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DLR Live Übertragung auf YouTube (deutschsprachig)

Mission Horizons: Raketenstart mit Alexander Gerst aus Baikonur

Launch time table: please refer to special feature section below
Zeitabschnitte des Starts: bitte lesen Sie die Informationen dazu im Special Feature unten nach.

Launch Parties: Link Übersicht Planetarien …

NASA’s Curiosity rover is analyzing drilled samples on Mars in one of its onboard labs for the first time in more than a year.
Fifteen years ago, ESA’s Mars Express was launched to investigate the Red Planet. To mark this milestone comes a striking view of Mars from horizon to horizon, showcasing one of the most intriguing parts of the martian surface.
The fascinating backstory behind the cosmodrome in Kazakhstan that will launch the Expedition 56/57 crew into space on June 6.
A new NASA 360-degree VR video shows exactly what it’s like to see a Russian Soyuz space capsule return to Earth from the International Space Station.

Feature – ISS Horizions Mission Alexander Gerst

‘Horizons’ is the name of ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst’s second mission to the International Space Station. The mission name evokes exploring our Universe, looking far beyond our planet and broadening our knowledge. Alexander would also like to make people realise that there is always a chance to go beyond their personal horizons.Alexander will be launched on 6 June with US astronaut Serena Auñón-Chancellor and Russian cosmonaut Sergei Prokopyev from the Baikonur cosmodrome, Kazakhstan in the Soyuz MS-09 spacecraft. Alexander will take over command of the International Space Station for the second half of his mission. Alexander Gerst is the 11th German citizen to fly into space.The astronaut is now in the last stages of training for his challenging spaceflight. The science programme is packed with European research: more than 50 experiments will deliver benefits to people back on Earth and prepare for future space exploration.
„Horizons“ – so heißt die nächste Mission des deutschen ESA-Astronauten Alexander Gerst. In knapp einem Jahr, Ende April 2018, soll der 41-jährige Geophysiker mit der Expedition 56/57 seine zweite „Fo…
Alexander Gerst: als Kommandant auf die ISS | Podcast omega tau – Episode 250


Host: Markus Völter

„Im April habe ich in Köln am Europäischen Astronautenzentrum Alexander Gerst getroffen, der dort gerade für seinen zweiten Flug zur ISS im Jahr 2018 trainiert. Er wird dann als erster Deutscher im Rahmen der Expedition 56/57 “Horizons” die Aufgabe des Kommandanten übernehmen. …“
This is a cross-post of the ESA portal. ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst will be launched into space on 6 June at 11:12 GMT (13:12 CEST) alongside Roscosmos commander Sergei Prokopyev and NASA astronaut Serena Auñón-Chancellor. Watch the launch and docking live with commentary by ESA astronaut…
Horizons launch day is set for 6 June 2018. For ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst, NASA astronaut Serena Auñón-Chancellor and Roscosmos commander Sergei Prokopyev it will be a long day with an early start. Below is a detailed timeline of the run-up to launch for their two-day voyage to the…
Von derselben Rampe wie einst Raumfahrt-Ikone Jurij Gagarin startet nun Alexander Gerst ins All. Zuvor muss der Deutsche eine lange Liste bizarrer russischer Rituale abarbeiten.

ESA auf Deutsch


“Zwei Tage vor dem Start von #Horizons ist @Astro_Alex in #Baikonur guter Dinge für den Start der Mission am Mittwoch @esaspaceflight
Video: #ESA

…dann wird Alexander Gerst zur internationalen Raumstation ISS abheben.
Moskau,  31. Mai 2018 —  Die russischen Kosmonauten Anton Schkaplerow und Oleg Artemjew haben in der Internationalen Raumstation ISS mit einem Originalball der Fußball-WM 2018 trainiert. Auf einem Video,  das auf der Homepage der GK Roskosmos ( zu sehen ist, zeigen sich die…
Baikonur, 2. Juni 2018 –-   In der Internationalen Raumstation ISS hat am Freitag das Kommando gewechselt. Der Russe Anton Schkaplerow hat als Chef der 55. Stammbesatzung den Staffelstab an den Amerikaner Andrew Feustel übergeben. Schkaplerow kehrt am Sonntag mit seinem US-Kollegen Scott…

Feature – NASA’s Insight Mars Lander

The InSight lander will study the interior of Mars and listen for Marsquakes.
„Einblick“ heißt der Lander, den die NASA am 5. Mai auf den Mars schicken will. „InSight“ soll dem Roten Planeten erstmals in sein Innerstes blicken.
The InSight probe launched from California to investigate the interior of the Red Planet.
The InSight lander will study the interior of Mars and listen for Marsquakes.
NASA has achieved a first for the class of tiny spacecraft known as CubeSats, which are opening new access to space.
Over the past week, NASA’s tiny MarCO-A and MarCO-B spacecraft have been firing their onboard thrusters to refine their course toward Mars. No cubesat had ever performed such a „trajectory correction maneuver“ before, agency officials said.
NASA’s InSight spacecraft has completed its first major course correction, setting it on its way to Mars. On May 22, the unmanned probe made a 40-second burn to not only alter the probe’s trajectory, but to also protect the Red Planet from biocontamination by the mission’s Centaur…

Further News International Spacestation (ISS) /
Weiteres zur Internationalen Raumstation

A Russian Soyuz spacecraft with three crew members landed after five months docked to the International Space Station. Cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov, Norishige „Neemo“ Kanai with JAXA and NASA astronut Scott „Maker“ Tingle touched down in Kazakhstan.
Three crew members who have been living and working aboard the International Space Station have landed safely in Kazakhstan.
Three members of the International Space Station Expedition 55 crew, including NASA astronaut Scott Tingle, returned to Earth Sunday after 168 days of living and working in low-Earth orbit.
Three Expedition 55 crew members are returning to Earth Sunday, but first the Commander will hand over control of the International Space Station in a ceremony Friday afternoon. In the meantime, the crew managed to continue ongoing space research and station maintenance.
Wow, time has gone by extremely fast. The mid-deployment phase will be short-lived for me this time, as the new crew (Drew Feustel, Ricky Arnold, and Oleg Artemyev) will arrive on March 23rd, and then we have at least one spacewalk on the 29th, followed by a planned SpaceX Dragon cargo craft…

Solar System / Sonnensystem

Auf dem Zwergplaneten Pluto bildet feinkörniges Methan Dünen
Pluto has an extensive dune system, but the grains that make up the wind-blown mounds are certainly not sand, a new study reports.
The hypothesis of an ocean under the icy surface of Jupiter’s moon Europa is strengthened by in-situ evidence of a plume, inferred by Galileo’s magnetic field and plasma density measurements obtained during the spacecraft’s closest flyby to the moon.
Gast der Ozean unter der Eiskruste des Jupitermonds Europa zuweilen in den Weltraum aus, wie es sein kleineres Gegenstück Enceladus im Saturnsystem gerne tut? Bislang gab es für Wasserdampfwolken von Europa nur vage Indizien – […]
  DAWN Letzte Umlaufbahn um Ceres Redaktion / Pressemitteilung des Max-Planck-Instituts für 1. Juni 2018
A newly selected NASA mission should help scientists better understand the bubble that surrounds the solar system, agency officials said.
NASA’s Dawn spacecraft will soon get its closest look ever of the dwarf planet Ceres. Here’s how it will work.
On the way to its lowest-ever and final orbit, NASA’s Dawn spacecraft is observing Ceres and returning new compositional data (infrared spectra) and images of the dwarf planet’s surface, such as this dramatic image of Ceres‘ limb.
See a jet stream speeding through Jupiter’s atmosphere in this new view taken by NASA’s Juno spacecraft. The jet stream, called Jet N2, was captured along the dynamic northern temperate belts of the gas giant planet. It is the white stream visible from top left to bottom right in the image.
This forms parts of a series of posts showing how to use GMAT to track the DSLWP-B Chinese lunar satellite. In part I we looked at how to examine and validate the tracking files published by BG2BHC using GMAT. It is an easy exercise to use GMAT to perform orbit propagation and produce new tracking…

Politics / Politik

Will new communications licensing costs make small satellites so expensive that they can’t be used for student education?
„NASA’s extensive portfolio of science-, space-, and aeronautics-related activities presents the Office of Inspector General (OIG) with a wide variety of issues to examine. Two topics we paid special attention to this reporting period: information technology (IT) governance and NASA’s efforts to…
As the White House and Congress debate a “Space Force” within the DOD, some believe a better approach is to develop something analogous to the Coast Guard.
DARPA plans to award $117.5 million in contracts over three phases to up to eight bus or payload suppliers.

Technology / Technologie

Die ESA-Marssonde Mars Express ist uralt – sie ist schon seit 2003 im Weltraum. Seine Laser-Gyroskope stehen kurz vor dem Exitus. Kein Problem für seine Steuerleute am ESOC.
Blockchain technology is being used to keep track of very valuable bits… of space history. For All Moonkind has joined with TODAQ to create a registry for all of the spacecraft and artifacts landed and left on the surface of the moon, mapping humanity’s lunar heritage.
A NASA airborne observatory that enjoys unusual protection from regular reviews resumed science flights recently after an extended maintenance period.
SpaceX’s first Falcon Heavy launch with a commercial satellite is scheduled to occur around the end of the year, according to customer Arabsat.
Cape Canaveral,  4. Juni 2018 —   Der Raumfahrtkonzern SpaceX hat am Montagmorgen deutscher Zeit im zweiten Anlauf erfolgreich einen luxemburgischen Telekommunikationssatelliten gestartet. Die schwere Falcon 9-Trägerrakete mit SES-12 an der Spitze stieg um 6.45 Uhr vom Weltraumbahnhof Cape…
This abstract image is a preview of the instrumental power that will be unleashed once the NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope will be in space.The image was acquired during testing of the Near-InfraRed Spectrograph (NIRSpec) instrument, which is part of ESA’s contribution to the inte…

Entertainment / Unterhaltung

Lego models of the Millennium Falcon have changed a lot since the first set debuted in 2000.

World / Welt

A new set of United Nations postage stamps will mark half a century since the world first met about the peaceful uses of outer space. The UN Postal Administration will honor the 50th anniversary of UNISPACE with six new stamps depicting international spaceflight.
Keith’s note: This appears at the bottom of the newsletter that Boeing pays Politico to put out weekly: „A message from The Boeing Company: Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg asserted, „It’s the only rocket being built that has the capacity to go back to the moon and then go to Mars.“ With 9.2 million…
„NASA has selected 10 companies to conduct studies and advance technologies to collect, process and use space-based resources for missions to the Moon and Mars. NASA placed a special emphasis on encouraging the responders to find new applications for existing, terrestrial capabilities that could…
Berlin,  1. Juni 2018 —  Am heutigen 1. Juni wäre der sowjetische Kosmonaut Georgi Dobrowolski 90 Jahre alt geworden. Gebürtig in Odessa (Ukraine),  schloss sich der halbwüchsige Schüler nach der Eroberung seiner Stadt durch die Nazi-Wehrmacht im Herbst 1941 gemeinsam mit seinem Vater den…

Science / Wissenschaft

The Rosetta mission completed operations in September 2016, but the science is still going stong. Rosetta project scientist Matt Taylor gives a preview on the hottest science topics being discussed at the 49th Rosetta science workshop this week, and how the results will help guide fu…
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