Spacecraft Mission News (English, German) – 26.04.18

Front Page / Titelseite

Europe has launched the seventh of its Sentinel Earth observation satellites as part of its multi-billion-euro Copernicus program to help predict weather phenomena such as El Nino and track the progress of global warming.

Volker Nawrath


“️ “Launch of Sentinel 3B and reaching the Orbit“. Everything looks fine #Sentinel3 #Sentinel3B #ESA

Tomorrow’s launch of Sentinel-3B will complete the Sentinel-3 constellation and represents the culmination of months of training to fly Europe’s latest Copernicus satellite.
Making what is likely its last commercial launch, Russia’s Rokot rocket will give the European Sentinel-3b satellite a ride to orbit Wednesday. Liftoff, from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in northwest Russia, is scheduled for 20:57 Moscow Time (17:57 UTC). Wednesday’s launch will deploy…
Tweet With Sentinel-3B sitting and waiting patiently for liftoff and the launch dress rehearsal done, most of us had a day off yesterday – and now we are all rested and ready for tonight’s launch! Monday’s dress rehearsal involved teams here in Plesetsk, the satellite operations team at…
Europe’s Copernicus satellite fleet is gearing up for the arrival of its next addition on Wednesday with a Russian Rockot booster set to blast off from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome at 17:57 UTC carrying the Sentinel-3B multi-function satellite. Pending successful delivery into orbit, the…
Noch nie folgten bei der Europäischen Weltraumagentur Esa so viele Satelliten-Starts so dicht aufeinander. 2018 soll es nach jahrelanger Planung auch zum Merkur gehen.
Tweet With the satellite being rolled out to the launch pad and positioned in the launch tower, it’s been a very exciting weekend. Last Friday, with the Rockot upper composite all finished, it was moved from the 101B cleanroom to the General Hall ready for rollout on Saturday. The Khrunichev…
Der morgige Start von Sentinel-3B wird die Sentinel-3-Konstellation vervollständigen und stellt den Höhepunkt einer monatelangen Vorbereitungsphase für den neuesten europäischen Copernicus-Satelliten dar.
Der Sentinel-3B Satellit wird, wie sein Zwilling, mit einer russischen Rockot-Rakete in die Umlaufbahn gebracht. Rockot kommt natürlich aus dem Russischen und heißt übersetzt „Getöse“.  Diese Träge…
„Sentinel“ – zu Deutsch „der Wächter“. Der Name dieses Satellitenprogramms kommt nicht von ungefähr. Denn seine Aufgabe ist tatsächlich die Überwachung und Beobachtung…
Searching galactic haloes for ‚missing‘ matter. Credit: ESA/XMM-Newton; J-T. Li (University of Michigan, USA); Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS)
NASA’s Chandra Observatory has enabled scientists to study the inner workings of the crab nebula.
Eine so detaillierte Karte unserer Galaxie gab es bislang nicht: Der Satellit „Gaia“ hat etwa 1,7 Milliarden Sterne abgelichtet, Forscher haben die Aufnahmen zu einem riesigen Bild zusammengesetzt.
A multitude of discoveries are on the horizon after this much awaited release, which is based on 22 months of charting the sky. The new data includes positions, distance indicators and motions of more than one billion stars, along with high-precision measurements of asteroids within our Solar…
On 25 April 2018, ESA’s Gaia mission will publish its much awaited second data release, including high-precision measurements of nearly 1.7 billion stars in our Galaxy.Scientists who have been working on creating and validating the data contained in the catalogue tell us why they are wait…
Media representatives are invited to a briefing on the second data release of ESA’s Gaia mission, an astrometry mission to map more than one billion stars in our Galaxy, the Milky Way.

International Spacestation (ISS) /
Internationale Raumstation
The National Geographic Channel has released the first 3D, 360-degree video of space, and it’s left us speechless.
  ISS Erdbeobachtung von der Raumstation aus Redaktion / Pressemitteilung des DLR 23. April 2018
The six Expedition 55 crew members are not only space scientists but also space plumbers who periodically work on the International Space Station’s toilet. Aside from today’s science and bathroom work, the crew also installed computer networking gear and inspected spacewalk equipment.

Earth / Erde
Das Deutsche Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR) und das US-amerikanische Unternehmen Teledyne Brown Engineering (TBE) erklären den Abschluss des Entwicklungs- und Herstellungsprozesses des DLR Eart…

Solar System / Sonnensystem
When the Mercury Transfer Module of the BepiColombo mission fires its electric propulsion thrusters an ion beam is extracted. This is created through the ionization of xenon propellant, generating the charged particles that can be accelerated further using an electric field.Together with …



“While the first flight of #BepiColombo equipment left for Kourou yesterday, final preparations continue back at #ESTEC for @ESA_Bepi

Mark McCaughrean


“Here’s one of the #Rosetta OSIRIS NAC images cropped to remove most of #67P (solution converges much quicker without those „useless“ data) & the ID. The faster-moving streaks are then likely dust close to the spacecraft. Great optical illusion 👍…”

This image of Jupiter’s iconic Great Red Spot and surrounding turbulent zones was captured by NASA’s Juno spacecraft.



#ROSETTA 😍 OSIRIS #67P/CHURYUMOV-GERASIMENKO new albums 😍–ROSETTA EXTENSION 2 MTP030– Miércoles 1 Junio 2016 all filters stacked

The inner solar system looks downright crowded in a new video showing the fruits of an asteroid-hunting spacecraft’s labor.

Beyond Solar System / Milchstraße & Kosmos
NASA’s new planet-hunting TESS observatory completed its first post-launch thruster firing Saturday, setting up for a big boost Wednesday that will send the spacecraft toward the moon for a flyby next month, the next maneuvers in a two-month process to reach the mission’s final science orbit in…
NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) is in space, but its science work won’t start until June. Here’s what the spacecraft will be doing until then.
A SpaceX Falcon 9 raced into crystal-clear afternoon skies over Florida’s Cape Canaveral at 22:51:31 UTC on Wednesday, April 18, 2018 with NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Surveying Satellite. TESS sets out to complete the first-ever comprehensive all-sky survey for exoplanets in Earth’s…
Das Nasa-Teleskop „Tess“ soll die Suche nach Exoplaneten übernehmen – und ausweiten. Nun ist es erfolgreich gestartet.
With just a 30-second window, NASA launched its next exoplanet searching satellite today (April 18) into a never-before-used orbit that was first discovered in the 1990s. And it will have the ultimate view of the sky.
An artist’s impression of the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) and some of its planetary quarry. (Credit: NASA)
Die Mission des Weltraumteleskops Kepler steht, ganz unabhängig vom Beginn der Mission TESS (siehe: TESS: Suche nach Planeten um helle Sterne vom 19. April 2018), kurz vor dem Ende. Dem Weltraumteleskop, das sich in einer Umlaufbahn um die Sonne befindet, geht nämlich der Treibstoff aus, so…
The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) has begun its mission to discover thousands of new exoplanets right in our cosmic background. The lead organization behind TESS is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where members of its Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research…
To celebrate its 28th anniversary in space the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope took this amazing and colourful image of the Lagoon Nebula. The whole nebula, about 4000 light-years away, is an incredible 55 light-years wide and 20 light-years tall. This image shows only a small part of thi…

Politics / Politik

Vice President Mike Pence swore in Jim Bridenstine as the next NASA administrator today (April 23) during a ceremony at the space agency’s headquarters in Washington, D.C.
Jim Bridenstine, will be sworn in as NASA administrator April 23 as the space industry breathes is relieved his extended confirmation process is over.
„It is a great privilege for me to be here today, to be able to usher in on behalf of the President of the United States what we believe is a new chapter of renewed American leadership in space with the swearing-in of the newest Administrator of NASA, Jim Bridenstine,“ said Vice President Pence.“
  NASA Raumfahrtbehörde hat neuen Administrator von Stefan Deiters 24. April 2018
The most contentious nomination process for a NASA administrator in the agency’s six-decade history came to an end April 19 when the Senate voted to confirm Jim Bridenstine.

Technology / Technologie

Initial hardware for the BepiColombo mission to Mercury has arrived in French Guiana.
On 23rd April 2018 the first hardware elements for the BepiColombo spacecraft — due to be launched towards Mercury later this year — were loaded into an…
Dieser Blog dient der zusätzlichen Information zu unserem cenap-ufo-meldestelle-blog und beinhaltet Berichte und überwiegend Bildmaterialien aus der Luft- und Raumfahrt, sowie aus der Astronomie und der kritischen und skeptischen UFO-Forschung. HINTERGRUNDBERICHTE welche in der allgemeinen…
XCOR Aerospace was developing a space plane called Lynx, but that work stopped when the company went bankrupt in 2017. Here’s a look inside XCOR’s former facilities at the Mojave Air and Space Port, courtesy of contributor Douglas Messier.
Before it went bankrupt last year, XCOR Aerospace aimed to fly tourists to space with the company’s Lynx suborbital vehicle. But now, XCOR’s assets will help give high school and college students hands-on experience with rockets and space technology.
New Shepard is a rocket manufactured by Blue Origin for space tourism. It is designed to take up to six passengers into suborbital space inside of a crew capsule.
Blue Origin’s CEO says he expects the company’s BE-4 engine to complete qualification by the end of the year as it works on its New Glenn orbital rocket.
The European service module that will provide power, water, air and electricity to NASA’s Orion Moon module has taken a large step closer to completion with the installation of its fuel tanks and testing of its solar wings. Orion will eventually fly beyond the Moon with astronauts. The …
Russia’s Proton rocket launched for the first time this year April 18 with a military communications satellite for the federation’s ministry of defense.
The first CubeSat mission to deep space will launch in May.
Earth-i has released its first full-color video of Earth taken from space by its commercial satellite — VividX2 — launched in January. The VividX2 makes use of an Ultra High Definition camera that captures high-resolution images for any location on Earth – and also films up to two minutes of…
The thunder of Russia’s Proton rocket returned to the Baikonur Cosmodrome Wednesday night for the first time in seven months when the former workhorse of the Russian space program soared into the pre-dawn skies over the Kazakh launch site on a military mission. The task at hand for the heavy-lift…
Some of Planetary Resources‘ asteroid-mining tech just passed a major space test.

Entertainment / Unterhaltung

„A is for Astronaut: Blasting Through the Alphabet“ (Sleeping Bear Press, 2018) is a fun-filled romp through the mechanics of space exploration.

World / Welt

In more than 9 hours of content, astronaut Chris Hadfield covers everything from basic orbital mechanics and rocketry, to how to train as an astronaut, to what the future holds for space exploration.
Astronaut Chris Hadfield is sharing his knowledge of space in a new MasterClass video series designed to help future astronauts and space tourists with their own missions. Enrollment opens today (April 24).
Chris Austin Hadfield OC OOnt MSC CD (born 29 August 1959) is a retired Canadian astronaut who was the first Canadian to walk in space. An engineer and former Royal Canadian Air Force fighter pilot, Hadfield has flown two space shuttle missions and served as commander of the International Space…
ISS Crew Instructor Dr. Serena Bertone trains astronauts before their space missions, passing on the ins and outs of space travel. In June, astronaut Alexander Gerst will be the first German commander to fly to the International Space Station. The geophysicist completed his training with Serena at t
China has launched a process to select 18 new astronauts for missions to the Chinese Space Station, including men and women from air force, science and engineering backgrounds.
Space Launch System (SLS) managers are now planning for the utilization of two Mobile Launchers (MLs), allowing for additional use of the rocket on both crewed and cargo-only missions. The first major cargo-only flight is being focused on the Europa Clipper mission now set to ride on a Block 1 SLS,…
Astronauts Scott Altman and Tom Jones are no strangers to seeing their names included among the stars. The two became the 96th and 97th NASA veterans to be inducted into U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida.
A bunch of very big corporations and rich men, including Bill Gates, are hoping to start watching the whole Earth at all times with video cameras in outer space.
Meet our new space explorers, the spacecraft of the BepiColombo mission, as they begin their adventure to planet Mercury. But first, they have to navigate through Amsterdam Schiphol airport to reach Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana. The spacecraft really do depart from Sch…
„NASA inspires the world with our exploration of new frontiers, our discovery of new knowledge, and our development of new technology. Our work benefits Americans and all humanity. Since NASA’s inception in 1958 to present day, the Agency’s history is written with each unique scientific and…

Science / Wissenschaft

Volume 1: Cassini Mission Science Report – ISS


The Cassini Imaging Science Subsystem (ISS) was the highest resolution imaging device on the Cassini mission and was specifically designed to image the bodies in the Saturn system. In its photometric sensitivity, linearity, dynamic range, spectral range (from near-UV to near-IR), filter complement, …
Das Deutsche Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR) präsentiert sich auf der Internationalen Luft- und Raumfahrtausstellung ILA Berlin Air Show vom 25. bis zum 29. April 2018 mit aktuellen Projekten un…
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