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A Bizarre Failure Scenario Emerges for Ariane 5 Mission Anomaly with SES 14 & Al Yah 3 – Spaceflight101
Europe’s Ariane 5 appears to have gotten away with a black eye on Thursday when its 97th mission veered off course from the onset of the rocket’s climb, but still managed to deploy two innovative communications craft in a stable, but off-target orbit from where it will be up to the SES 14 and…
NASA`s GOLD Instrument, SES-14 Satellite on Track After Launch Anomaly
The satellite company SES confirmed that its SES-14 communications satellite, which hosts an upper-atmosphere-observation mission from NASA, will be able to reach its final orbit just four weeks late after a launch anomaly saw the rocket lose contact.
Ariane 5 Rocket Delivers Satellites, NASA GOLD to Orbit Despite Launch Anomaly
Two commercial satellites and a NASA Earth-observation instrument managed to reach orbit despite a scare during liftoff today (Jan. 25).
Ariane 5 Reaches Launch Pad for Dual-Payload Delivery with SES 14 & Al Yah 3 – Spaceflight101
Europe’s Ariane 5 rocket rolled out to its French Guiana launch pad in preparation for a Thursday liftoff on the vehicle’s year-opening mission, tasked with deploying a pair of innovative satellites to a Supersynchronous Transfer Orbit peaking 45,000 Kilometers above the planet. Stacked…
NASA`s GOLD Mission Launching on Ariane 5 Rocket Today: Watch It Live
NASA’s GOLD mission is set to launch Jan. 25 starting at 5:20 p.m. EST — here’s how to watch live.
NASA GOLD, 2 Satellites in Orbit After Ariane 5 Launch Anomaly (Update)
Two satellites, one carrying a NASA science instrument, are safely in orbit despite an anomaly with their Ariane 5 rocket during launch, Arianespace officials say.
NASA`s GOLD Mission Powers on for First Time After Eventful Launch
NASA’s GOLD mission powered on briefly to open its detector doors before beginning a long journey into geostationary orbit.
NASA Honors Fallen Astronauts in `Day of Remembrance` Ceremonies Today
NASA honors astronauts and others who gave their lives in the pursuit of space exploration with its Day of Remembrance today (Jan. 25). Here’s how the solemn day is being marked.
Long-Lost NASA Satellite May Have Been Found by Amateur Astronomer
An amateur astronomer appears to have made contact with a long-lost NASA satellite.
Soyuz Rocket Ready for Return-to-Flight Mission from Far Eastern Vostochny Cosmodrome – Spaceflight101
Russia’s Soyuz rocket stands ready for liftoff from the Far Eastern Vostochny Cosmodrome on Thursday with a cluster of eleven satellites, set to rehabilitate the Soyuz/Fregat combination after encountering a failure on its last Vostochny launch in November.
Soyuz / Fregat Redeem Themselves on Third Vostochny Launch – Kanopus-V 3 & 4 | Spaceflight101
Russia’s Soyuz rocket on Thursday lifted off from the frozen grounds of the Vostochny Cosmodrome on a mission to redeem itself after encountering a launch failure on its last flight from the new launch base established in the country’s Far East.

International Spacestation (ISS) /

Internationale Raumstation

Station Officials Postpone Monday’s Spacewalk to Mid-February – Space Station
International Space Station officials have postponed Monday’s spacewalk to swap latching end effectors (LEEs) on the Canadarm2 robotic arm. The decision was made after the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and its robotics specialist team developed a diagnostics software patch confirming an anomaly…
Postponed — ISS Spacewalkers Prepare for Revised EVA Scenario to Backtrack Robotic Arm Work – Spaceflight101 – International Space Station
Update (Jan 28, 2018): NASA and the Canadian Space Agency have exercised the option of postponing U.S. EVA-48 that was originally planned for Monday. Work over the weekend has provided additional data on a connectivity problem with the spare Latching End Effector installed on the Station’s…
ISS Spacewalk Pushed to February after Successful Troubleshooting on Canadarm2 End Effector – Spaceflight101
International Space Station managers decided on Sunday to postpone a scheduled spacewalk from Monday after additional diagnostics performed on the Station’s Canadarm2 robotic arm showed a connectivity problem on the primary command string of the newly-installed Latching End Effector could be…
Spacewalkers Preparing for Monday’s Spacewalk With Updated Plan – Space Station
During a spacewalk on Jan. 23, 2018, Expedition 54 flight engineers Mark Vande Hei and Scott Tingle replaced a Latching End Effector (LEE-B) on the Canadarm2 robotic arm. An issue preventing the LEE from transitioning to an operational state on one of two redundant sets of communications strings…
Crew Looks to Monday Spacewalk and Works on Science Hardware – Space Station
Two Expedition 54 astronauts continue preparing for Monday’s upcoming spacewalk to wrap up robotics repair work. The crew is also working on a variety of science gear to ensure the orbital laboratory is in tip-top shape.
Crew Looking Ahead to Friday Russian Spacewalk – Space Station
Expedition 54 is now focusing on Friday’s spacewalk to install and remove gear on the Russian side of the International Space Station. This comes after today’s spacewalk to work on the Canadarm2 robotic arm was postponed to mid-February.
SPHERES Science and Vision Checks Ahead of Friday Spacewalk – Space Station
As the International Space Program gets ready for a pair of spacewalks in February, the Expedition 54 crew was busy setting up a pair of experimental internal satellites and conducting vision checks today.
Einladung zum 10. Jahrestag von Columbus und ATV
Vertreter der Medien sind eingeladen, am 7. Februar im Technikzentrum der ESA in den Niederlanden an den Feierlichkeiten zum 10. Jahrestag des Columbus-Labors und des Starts des ersten Automatischen Transferfahrzeugs teilzunehmen.
Wow! Space Station Crosses Moon`s Face Just Before Epic Lunar Eclipse (Photos)
A spectacular photo shows the International Space Station (ISS) crossing the face of the moon in the lead-up to the long-awaited „Super Blue Blood Moon“ eclipse.

Earth / Erde

Satelliten zeichnen ein detailliertes Bild des Schiffsverkehrs
Die ESA hat Küstenbehörden dabei unterstützt, bis zu 70% mehr Schiffe zu verfolgen und fast dreimal mehr Schiffspositionen per Satellit zu erfassen, als zuvor möglich war.
While Searching For Zuma Someone Found IMAGE - NASA Watch
NASA’s Earth Observing System is a collection of satellites that monitor the planet’s climate system over an extended period.
While Searching For Zuma Someone Found IMAGE - NASA Watch
„An amateur astronomer on the hunt for the classified Zuma satellite has discovered a long-lost NASA science satellite. „Over the past week. the station has been dedicated to an S-band scan looking for new targets and refreshing the frequency list, triggered by the recent launch of the mysterious…
NASA’s Long Dead IMAGE Science Probe Found Alive by Satellite Trackers – Spaceflight101
NASA pronounced it dead over a decade ago – now, amateur satellite trackers found the agency’s 18-year old IMAGE magnetosphere exploration satellite to be actively transmitting signals to Earth from its highly elliptical orbit – sending NASA engineers into a scramble to locate 13-year old…

Solar System / Sonnensystem

Catalog Page for PIA21976
This color-enhanced image was taken on Dec. 16, 2017 at 9:47 a.m. PST (12:47 p.m. EST), as Juno performed its tenth close flyby of Jupiter. At the time the image was taken, the spacecraft was about 5,600 miles (8,787 kilometers) from the tops of the clouds of the planet at a latitude of 38.4…
Escape from Mars! Red-Planet Dust Storms Linked to Atmosphere Loss
Dust storms that take over the Martian globe play a key role in promoting gas escape from the Red Planet’s atmosphere, according to a new study.
Jupiter Moon Europa`s Possibly Porous Surface Could Doom a Lander
Putting a lander down on Jupiter’s potentially life-supporting moon Europa may be even trickier than engineers had thought.
Jupiter`s Stripes Reveal Stunning Details in New Juno Probe Images
The ribbons of gas that wrap around Jupiter are on display in two stunning, high-resolution images from NASA’s Juno probe.
By Jove! Jupiter Storms Rage in New Juno Photo
Storms rage on Jupiter in a gorgeous new photo captured by NASA’s Juno spacecraft.
Catalog Page for PIA22091
This image shows a complex set of fractures found in the southwestern region of the floor of Occator Crater on Ceres. In this picture, north is at the top.

Beyond Solar System / Milchstraße & Kosmos

ESA Science & Technology: Save the date: Gaia`s second data release set for 25 April
Launched on 19 December 2013, and in routine science operations since 25 July 2014, Gaia has been mapping the positions and motions of stars at an accuracy level never before achieved, far below one thousandth of an arcsecond. Such an accuracy relies on the satellite’s extraordinary equipment,…

Politics / Politik

NASA FY 2019 Budget Hints: SLS Alternatives Sought - NASA Watch
Sources report that the #NASA FY 2019 budget will advise @NASA to look into non-SLS options to launch missions to Europa. One would assume that @CongCulberson will have an opinion on this. #astrobiology
NASA FY 2019 Budget Hints: ISS Lifespan To Be Limited (Update) - NASA Watch
„Passback provides $10,013.1 million for the Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate. Within this funding level, and consistent with the outyear guidance provided in the passback’s front matter section, the HEOMD guidance is intended to support the following strategic human space…
Bridenstine Nomination Update - NASA Watch
„Although the Trump administration has proposed stiff cuts to earth science at NASA, the Senate has so far warded them off. [Kelvin Droegemeier, vice president for research at the University of Oklahoma in Norman] does not expect Bridenstine to support slashing the agency’s budget, especially given…
Pentagon space posture: Don’t even try to mess with us -
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis: “In space we will do our best to deter. But for right now, it’s about sizing up the problem.“
Trump Advisors Send Mixed Signals On ISS Support - NASA Watch
Keith’s note: Meanwhile former Trump Transition Team member Charles Miller can barely contain his enthusiasm for this „leadership“ which involves abandoning ISS – all with another Transtion Team member’s (Greg Autry) approval. Meanwhile other Trump advisors tell say that such a plan to prematurely…
Reaction To Proposed OMB Space Station Funding Cuts - NASA Watch
„If the Administration plans to abruptly pull us out of the International Space Station in 2025, they’re going to have a fight on their hands. Such a move would likely decimate Florida’s blossoming commercial space industry, which is one of the reasons why Congress directed NASA to look at…
Sen. Nelson`s Effort To Undermine NASA - NASA Watch
„Five months ago, the Trump administration finally put forward a nominee for the post of administrator, Oklahoma Congressman and pilot James Bridenstine. Although he was confirmed along a party-line vote twice during Senate confirmation hearings, he has yet to receive a vote before the full Senate….

Technology / Technologie

China Adds to Yaogan-30 Reconnaissance Constellation via Successful Long March 2C Launch – Spaceflight101
A Long March 2C rocket rose from the mountainous terrain of China’s Xichang Satellite Launch Center on Thursday as part of the country’s fifth orbital space launch of the year, deploying the fourth set of Yaogan-30 reconnaissance satellites. Long March 2C took flight at 5:39 UTC, 1:39 p.m….
Is Falcon Heavy An SLS Killer? - NASA Watch
„It could also play a part in the Trump administration’s plans to return to the moon. Over the weekend, Nick Ayers, Vice President Pence’s chief of staff, tweeted that the rocket would have „major (positive) ramifications for US space industry if this goes according to plan.“ SpaceX has said that…
Rocket Lab Surprises with Kick Stage Test & Humanity Star on Recent “Still Testing” Mission – Spaceflight101
Rocket Lab – after successfully demonstrating the company’s Electron launch vehicle last weekend – had another surprise in store this week when revealing the mission had successfully executed an orbit circularization maneuver with a previously unknown Kick Stage and deployed a reflective…
Rocket Lab reveals `The Humanity Star,` a `disco ball` satellite shining from space | collectSPACE
Rocket Lab, a commercial space company seeking to shine among the satellite launch industry, has secretly sent its own „star“ into orbit. Rocket Lab revealed to the world that „The Humanity Star“ is expected to become the brightest object in the night sky.
Rocket Lab launch also tested new kick stage -
The successful launch of Rocket Lab’s Electron rocket Jan. 20 also tested a kick stage designed to circularize the orbits of its satellite payloads.
Momentous Static Fire Test Moves SpaceX Falcon Heavy Closer to Maiden Launch – Spaceflight101
SpaceX’s tri-core Falcon Heavy rocket breathed fire for the first time on Wednesday atop its Kennedy Space Center Launch Pad, igniting all 27 Merlin engines on the rocket’s business end for a 12-second test firing designed to collect valuable data – not only on the behavior of the engines but…
NASA`s Next Mars Lander Passes Key Test Ahead of May Launch
NASA’s next Mars mission — a lander designed probe the Red Planet’s deep interior and eavesdrop on rumbling Marsquakes — is reaching „ship and shoot“ status.
Kepler`s first satellite hitched ride on last week`s Long March 11 launch -
Kepler Communications, a Canadian startup designing a low-Earth-orbit constellation for satellite connectivity, says its first satellite is performing as expected following a Jan. 19 launch on China’s Long March 11 rocket.
Stennis Space Center: NASA`s Largest Rocket Testing Site
Since 1961, the John C. Stennis Space Center has tested rockets that went to the moon and those that will carry humans even farther.
Robotik: Raumfahrttechnologie hilft auf der Erde
  ROBOTIK Raumfahrttechnologie hilft auf der Erde Redaktion / Pressemitteilung des DFKI 30. Januar 2018
Elon Musk`s SpaceX Rocket Family Photo Shows Falcon Heavy and Falcon 9
A new photo from SpaceX CEO Elon Musk shows the company’s new Falcon Heavy rocket on the launchpad as well as its Falcon 9, which is currently prepped to launch the GovSat-1 satellite later today (Jan. 31).
SpaceX Delays Expendable Falcon 9 Launch with Luxembourg’s GovSat-1 – SES 16 / GovSat | Spaceflight101
SpaceX delayed the launch of the company’s sixth flight-proven Falcon 9 rocket on Tuesday due to a faulty transducer on the launch vehicle, putting in motion a 24-hour recycle to Wednesday’s backup launch window of 21:25 to 23:46 UTC. The company’s second mission in 2018 is set to carry the…
SpaceX Delays GovSat-1 Launch to Replace Falcon 9 Rocket Sensor
SpaceX called off the planned launch of a Falcon 9 rocket on Tuesday (Jan. 30) to allow engineers time to swap out a sensor on the booster, company representatives said.
Luxembourg’s GovSat-1 in Orbit after Flawless Boost by Flight-Proven SpaceX Falcon 9 – SES 16 / GovSat | Spaceflight101
SpaceX’s sixth flight-proven Falcon 9 rocket – sporting landing legs but flying in throwaway mode – blasted into the afternoon skies over Florida’s Cape Canaveral on Wednesday to lift Luxembourg’s GovSat-1 satellite into a high-energy Supersynchronous Transfer Orbit. Liftoff from the…
SpaceX Launches Satellite Into Orbit on a Used Falcon 9 Rocket
SpaceX has yet again successfully launched a satellite to space aboard a pre-flown rocket.
SpaceX Rocket Survives Experimental High-Thrust Landing at Sea (Photo)
The first stage of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket survived an experimental ocean landing during today’s launch of the GovSat-1 communications satellite, company founder and CEO Elon Musk said.

Entertainment / Unterhaltung

The 10 Best `Star Trek` Episodes Ever
LEGO will not be launching a fan’s model of the space shuttle, nor will it be producing a launch pad for its Apollo Saturn V rocket set after rejecting both during a review. The toy company announced it was passing on both space-themed LEGO Ideas submissions.
NASA Astronaut`s Rocker Past Helped Shape His Future in Space (Video)
In a new video, NASA astronaut and International Space Station Expedition 54/55 crewmember Scott Tingle talks about playing guitar in a rock band and how the experience helped to shape who he is today.
ESA-Astronauten Jean-François Clervoy und Pedro Duque an Bord der World Club Dome Zero Gravity Mission
Am 7. Februar 2018 startet eines der mit größter Spannung erwarteten Events der elektronischen Musik des Jahres. World Club Dome Zero Gravity startet vom Flughafen Frankfurt und die Astronauten der ESA, Jean-Francois Clervoy (CEO von Novespace, einer Tochtergesellschaft vo…

World / Welt

DIY DSKY: Apollo astronaut keypad being rebooted as open source replica | collectSPACE
Compared to the computer interfaces today, the display keyboard used by astronauts on board Apollo spacecraft might look quaint — until you recall that it was central to flying to the first humans to land on the moon almost half a century ago.
DLR-Raumfahrtforscherin erhält Amelia-Earhart-Preis
Tina Stäblers Leidenschaft gilt der Raumfahrt. Seit rund vier Jahren arbeitet die heute 31-Jährige am Deutschen Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR) in Stuttgart. Ihr Spezialgebiet ist der Extremfall…
DIY DSKY: Apollo astronaut keypad being rebooted as open source replica | collectSPACE
Compared to the computer interfaces today, the display keyboard used by astronauts on board Apollo spacecraft might look quaint — until you recall that it was central to flying to the first humans to land on the moon almost half a century ago.
Marshall Space Flight Center: Test Site for NASA`s Rockets
Marshall Space Flight Center plays a significant role in the American space program, from developing the rockets that carried the first U.S. astronaut into space to working on the system that could one day carry astronauts to Mars.
Das DLR im Jahr 2018
Das Deutsche Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR) ist in der Ausrichtung seiner Aufgaben und Forschungsthemen einmalig in Deutschland und Europa – als nationales Forschungszentrum und Raumfahrtagentu…
Opportunity Mars Rover Wheels Past 14 Years of Exploration
NASA’s Opportunity Mars rover has just passed 14 years of exploring the Red Planet. The robot has been working on Mars since landing in Meridiani Planum on January 25, 2004. Originally intended to last 90 days, the machine is still trekking and is continuing her winter exploration of…

Science / Wissenschaft

Kleine Sprünge für einen Menschen, ein großer Sprung für die Gesundheit
Einfach, aber effizient! Intensives Herumspringen könnte das Wundermittel für starke Knochen, Muskeln und Herzen sein. Eine europäische Studie hat bestätigt, dass kleine Sprünge nicht nur bei Astronauten, sondern auch bei älteren und in ihrer Bewegung eingeschränkte Menschen einen g…
Cloudy with a Chance of Radiation: NASA Studies Simulated Radiation
NASA’s Opportunity Mars rover has just passed 14 years of exploring the Red Planet. The robot has been working on Mars since landing in Meridiani Planum on January 25, 2004. Originally intended to last 90 days, the machine is still trekking and is continuing her winter exploration of…

History / Geschichte

Happy Anniversary, Explorer 1! 1st US Satellite Launched 60 Years Ago Today
The United States became a spacefaring nation 60 years ago today with the launch of Explorer 1, the first American satellite.
Explorer 1: America`s First Satellite in Pictures
On Jan. 31, 1958, the United States joined the space age with the successful launch of the satellite Explorer 1. See photos of the spacecraft and the mission team here.
Relive the Launch of Explorer 1, America`s 1st Satellite (Videos)
Most of us weren’t around to witness the launch of the United States‘ first successful satellite, Explorer 1, on Jan. 31, 1958. But we can still get a sense of the drama and importance of the moment from the newsreels that documented it.
NASA sends historic Apollo mission control consoles to Kansas to be restored | collectSPACE
The consoles that NASA controllers used to manage the first missions to land astronauts on the moon are on the move. The consoles that made up NASA’s Apollo mission control in Houston are being temporarily moved to a museum in Kansas to be restored.


dpa @dpa

“Der Tag, der die Raumfahrt veränderte: 15 Jahre «Columbia»-Desaster.

Eine @dpa_infografik erklärt, was damals geschah (him)”
Reprint of NASA`s Golden Record Takes Home a Grammy
A vinyl reprint of the Voyager Golden Record, which carried a greeting for extraterrestrials beyond the solar system, won a Grammy Award this past Sunday (Jan. 28).
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