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The Downlink: A Historic All-Woman Spacewalk, Hubble Spies Interstellar Comet

Planetary exploration news for busy people

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Hope Mars Mission: Launching the Arab World into the Space Race

When the UAE president announced that his country would make a satellite to study Mars‘ atmosphere in unparalleled detail, he set an unprecedented goal for the Arab world.

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NASA Needs to Get With the Times When It Comes to Planetary Protection, Report Finds

NASA’s current planetary-protection policies reflect a bygone era of space exploration and need to be updated, a new report argues.

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Moon Dust Could Be a Problem for Future Lunar Explorers

Explorers and tourists on the moon will have to deal with lunar dust, which is abrasive and pervasive.

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NASA to Demonstrate New Star-Watching Technology with Thousands of Tiny Shutters

NASA scientists have developed a revolutionary technology of tiny shutters that open and close as needed to focus on studying hundreds of stars and galaxies at the same time.

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Boeing kündigt ersten unbemannten Starliner-Flug für Dezember an

Der US-Konzern Boeing hat für Dezember den ersten unbemannten Start seines neuen Raumschiffes Starliner zur Internationalen Raumstation ISS angekündigt. Der Starliner werde um den 17. Dezember zur Station fliegen und nach etwa einer Woche wieder zur Erde zurückkehren, teilte ein Boeing-Sprecher auf dem 70. Internationalen Astronautischen Kongress (IAC) in […]

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Boeing’s Starliner set for two pivotal test flights before the year’s end

Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft is preparing for two major flight tests before the end of the year, which will pave the way for the spacecraft’s first crewed flight in 2020. The capsule is being developed under NASA’s Commercial Crew Program to provide transportation services to and from the International Space Station.

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We Could Go to Venus with Today’s Technology, Scientists Say

We could go to Venus tomorrow with the technology we have today, urged a NASA scientific advisory group, and the group’s members would like to get a mission off the ground as soon as possible.

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Nasa Insight Mars Lander

Mars-Mission InSight: DLR-Maulwurf bewegt sich wieder

Gute Nachrichten von der Mars-Mission InSight: Der Maulwurf hat sich in drei Hammer-Sessions, die ab dem 8. Oktober liefen, gut zwei Zentimeter in die Tiefe bewegt. Eine exakte Messung “ist schwierig, weil wir keine Stereobilder zur Verfügung haben”, teilte das Deutsche Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR) am Freitag in […]

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InSight: Zwei Zentimeter, die Hoffnung machen

Die kleine Rammsonde des Marslanders InSight bewegt sich wieder. Mit Unterstützung des Roboterarms des Landers gelang es offenbar, den Marsmaulwurf so zu unterstützen, dass er sich wieder in den Untergrund bohren kann. In den letzten Tagen arbeitete er sich zwei Zentimeter in den Boden vor. Jetzt hofft das Team auf weitere Fortschritte.

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Mars Soil Is Very Weird, the Mole’s Struggles Show

The efforts of the burrowing heat probe aboard NASA’s InSight lander have shown that Red Planet dirt is unlike the stuff we’re used to here on Earth.

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NASA Spots InSight Mars Lander and Curiosity Rover from Space (Photos)

New photos give us the best-ever look at NASA’s InSight lander on the surface of Mars and show the circuitous route the Curiosity rover is taking up a big Red Planet mountain.

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International Space Station / Internationale Raumstation

Female Duo Ventures Outside Station for Historic Spacewalk

Two NASA astronauts switched their spacesuits to battery power this morning at 7:38 a.m. EDT. Expedition 61 Flight Engineers Christina Koch and Jessica Meir are venturing out into the vacuum of space to replace a failed power controller, also known as a battery charge-discharge unit (BCDU). The BCDU regulates the charge to the batteries that collect and distribute solar power to the orbiting lab’s systems.

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The 1st All-Woman Spacewalk: Photos, Videos and Celebratory Tweets

NASA astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir ventured outside the International Space Station early this morning (Oct. 18) to embark on the first spacewalk in history to be conducted entirely by women.

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Weltraumpremiere in der ISS:  Erster Ausstieg von zwei Frauen in den freien Raum –   Trump gratuliert

Die USA haben am Freitag für eine Weltraumpremiere der besonderen Art gesorgt. Erstmals in der Geschichte haben zwei Frauen einen gemeinsamen “Weltraumspaziergang” unternommen. Die Astronautinnen Christina Koch und Jessica Meir verließen um 13.38 Uhr deutscher Zeit die Internationale Raumstation ISS, um in rund siebeneinviertelstündigerArbeit ein defektes Batterieladegerät auszutauschen.

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Eye Checks and Maintenance During Spacewalk Cleanup Today

The Expedition 61 crew is cleaning up today after the first all-woman spacewalk at the International Space Station. Eye checks and lab maintenance also kicked off the workweek as two cosmonauts took the day off.

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NASA Astronauts Wrap Up Historic All-Woman Spacewalk

At 2:55 p.m. EDT, Expedition 61 Flight Engineers Christina Koch and Jessica Meir of NASA concluded their spacewalk, the first with only women. During the 7-hour, 17-minute spacewalk, the two NASA astronauts completed the replacement a failed power charging component, also known as a battery charge-discharge unit (BCDU). The BCDU regulates the charge to the batteries that collect and distribute solar power to the orbiting lab’s systems. Mission control activated the newly installed BCDU and reported it is operating properly.

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Spacesuit Gloves Contaminated During All-Woman Spacewalk

The spacesuit gloves of a NASA astronaut were contaminated during the historic all-woman spacewalk on Friday (Oct. 18), but it’s probably just space grease.

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Station Focusing on Japanese Ship Departure and Space Biology

Japan’s resupply ship is nearing the end of its month-long stay at the International Space Station. Meanwhile, the Expedition 61 crew is exploring how microgravity impacts humans and plants today.

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Earth / Erde

Scientists Want to Make a 3D Map of the Entire World Before Climate Change Ruins It

A nonprofit called The Earth Archive wants to make a 3D map of the entire planet, before the climate crisis changes Earth’s face forever.

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RIP, Van Allen Probes! NASA Ends 7-Year Mission to Explore Earth’s Radiation Belts

Another long-lived NASA mission has come to an end, this one after more than seven years of dancing through the perilous belts of radiation around Earth.

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Where Do Satellites Go to Die? Dr Space Junk Explains It All.

One person’s space trash is another’s space treasure — and that’s definitely true for Alice Gorman, an archaeologist specializing in the detritus of spaceflight.

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Moon / Mond

Hearing: NASA’s Proposal to Advance the Next Moon Landing by Four Years

Chairman Serrano Statement at Hearing on NASA’s Moon Landing Proposal „Not even NASA’s own leadership has enough confidence in the success and safety of advancing this timeline.

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NASA Orders More SLS Megarockets from Boeing for Artemis Moon Missions

NASA has extended Boeing’s moon rocket assembly authorization in preparation to support as many as 10 moon missions for the agency’s Artemis program, which aims to land astronauts on the moon in 2024.

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Japan’s 1st Moon Rover to Touch Down in 2021

The tiny, wheeled robot, named Yaoki, is one of about 30 payloads flying on the first moon mission of Astrobotic’s Peregrine lander.

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Jeff Bezos Unveils Blue Origin’s Dream Team to Land NASA Astronauts on the Moon

Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos on Tuesday (Oct. 22) unveiled a „national team“ for his company’s plan to land astronauts on the moon for NASA’s Artemis program, recruiting Draper, Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman to the project.

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Here’s What China’s Yutu 2 Rover Found on the Far Side of the Moon (Photos)

The China Lunar Exploration Program has released a photo from the Yutu 2 moon rover that reveals the likely nature of a previously unidentified material.

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NASA Scientists Eye Long-Standing Moon Mysteries in Lunar Return

NASA’s scientists are thrilled by the prospect of getting back to the moon, where they hope to solve a host of mysteries about Earth, our closest companion and the rest of the solar system.

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Japan Sets Sights on Moon with NASA and India

Japan has its eyes on the moon, with two new partnerships designed to advance the country’s lunar goals.

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Beyond Solar System / Milchstraße & Kosmos

„eRosita“: Deutsches Röntgenteleskop schickt erste Bilder

Das Weltraumteleskop „eRosita“ hat spektakuläre Bilder aus dem All zur Erde gesendet. Nun hoffen Astronomen, endlich der dunklen Materie auf die Spur zu kommen.

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Politics / Politik

US Is Leading World in Space, VP Mike Pence Says

The United States is leading the world in space exploration once more but is still willing to work with „like-minded“ countries to expand humanity’s reach throughout the cosmos, Vice President Mike Pence said Monday (Oct. 21).

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Meet NASA’s New Leader of Human Spaceflight Operations

Agency chief Jim Bridenstine announced last week that Douglas Loverro has been named the agency’s new associate administrator for its Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate.

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Technology / Technologie

ESA-Weltraumsonde Solar Orbiter auf dem Weg in die USA

Die ESA-Sonde Solar Orbiter soll ab 2022 die Sonne aus der Nähe untersuchen. Jetzt ist sie auf Weg in die USA, wo sie im Frühjahr starten soll.

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Solar Orbiter ready to depart Europe

ESA’s Solar Orbiter mission has completed its test campaign in Europe and is now being packed ready for its journey to Cape Canaveral at the end of this month, ahead of launch in February 2020.

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Joint Polar Satellite System’s Microwave Instrument Fully Assembled

The Advanced Technology Microwave Sounder (ATMS) for NOAA’s Joint Polar Satellite System-2 spacecraft, scheduled to launch in 2022, has been fully assembled and has begun environmental testing.

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NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope Clears Critical Sunshield Deployment Testing

Webb passed a critical test when technicians and engineers fully deployed and tensioned each of the sunshield’s five layers, successfully putting the sunshield into the same position it will be in a million miles from Earth.

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Virgin Galactic Powers Up New SpaceShipTwo Vehicle (Video)

The Spaceship Co., Virgin Galactic’s manufacturing subsidiary, recently wrapped up a landmark „Power On“ test of the third SpaceShipTwo vehicle, which is being assembled in Mojave, California.

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‚Whoa, It Worked‘: Elon Musk Tweets Via SpaceX’s Starlink Satellites

SpaceX’s Starlink internet-satellite constellation is already providing some service, according to Elon Musk.

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Parachutes, Abort Engines Are Key Challenges for SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Capsule

Elon Musk and Jim Bridenstine came together recently to discuss the remaining challenges for Commercial Crew.

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World / Welt

BDI fordert deutschen Weltraumhafen und deutsche Mondfahrerin

Die Bundesrepublik müsse viel mehr in die Raumfahrt investieren, fordert der Industrieverband. Außerdem solle eine Deutsche zum Mond fliegen.

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After Musk’s Pot Escapade, NASA Paid for SpaceX’s Safety Review — But Not Boeing’s

NASA forked out $5 million to SpaceX to help the company do a mandatory safety investigation but provided no extra money to competitor Boeing, according to a media report.

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Humans Will Never Live on Another Planet, Nobel Laureate Says. Here’s Why.

Here’s the reality: We’re messing up the Earth and any far-out ideas of colonizing another orb when we’re done with our own are wishful thinking.

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Virgin Galactic May Raise the Ticket Price for SpaceShipTwo Again

The price of a ticket to space on Virgin Galactic’s suborbital SpaceShipTwo will likely increase as the private spaceflight company gears up for its first commercial flights.

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Deutsche Raumfahrtprojekte auf dem IAC 2019

Das Deutsche Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR) aus Köln ist auf dem IAC 2019 mit folgenden Themen und Exponaten vertreten: Aus dem aktuellen Raumfahrtprogramm Deutschlands und verantwortet vom DLR Raumfahrtmanagement werden das Astronauten-Assistenzsystem CIMON und das Röntgenteleskop eROSITA für die Erforschung der Dunklen Energie vorgestellt. Mit GESTRA ist ein […]

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NASA Aims for Mars Landings in 2035 While Building Support for Lunar Gateway

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine is looking to land humans on Mars in the 2030s as he recruits partners of the International Space Station to help the agency land humans on the moon by 2024.

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The 1st Human on Mars May Be a Woman, NASA Chief Says

It won’t be long before we see the first woman on Mars, and she just might beat the first man there, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said Friday (Oct. 18).

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Entertainment / Unterhaltung

‚Moons of Madness‘: 6 Ways This New Space Game Is Terrifying (Video)

Check out the haunting encounters a player can experience in the new video game „Moons of Madness“ in this new gameplay video.

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Science / Wissenschaft

A Faux Saturn Moon Titan on Earth Could Solve Solar System Mystery

Big, schmancy compounds keep popping up all over the solar system, and new research may help clear up confusion about how they form in so many places.

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History / Geschichte

Heroes of Space: Alexei Leonov

Today spacewalks are an almost routine part of space exploration but the very first spacewalk by Alexei Leonov, who died last week at 85, was anything but straightforward.

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Russland gibt Geheimdokumente über Woßchod-1 frei

Russland hat am Montag eine Reihe bisher geheimer Dokumente über die Entwicklung und den Flug des ersten mehrsitzigen Raumschiffes der Welt, Woßchod-1, vor 55 Jahren veröffentlicht. Dazu gehören Briefe von Chefkonstrukteur Sergej Koroljow, Befehle des Staatlichen Komitees für Verteidigungstechnik der UdSSR, Protokolle der technischen Aufgabenstellung, die Bordjournale der Kosmonauten […]

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